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  1. Everyday, I get tons of junk email which is thrwon into my junk email folder in Outlook. It is annoying to get them and then delete them? Is there a program out there to help with the junk emails?
  2. How do I remove programs from my start menu? I have my HP Office Jet in there, Winzip and others which takes forever to load?
  3. Hi! I am new to this forum but not to PC's. When I run ccleaner, and restart my internet explorer home page (My Yahoo), it defaults to Yahoo and asks me to sign in again? Will I have to do this everytime?
  4. I downloaded from this site: Oct 19th 2005 post called: A lot if issues.......... Microsfot RegClean 4.1a
  5. I downloaded Reg Cleaner from this forum. I cannot unzip and cannot delete this exe file as it tells me access denied, etc...... How can I delete this?
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