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  1. Problem solved with the last update, but unfortunately now the App show the sum of internal and sdcard memory, not only the internal as it was before. Maybe you can separate each one. I don't like to see the sum. Looks that i have so much room, but unfortunately android uses only the internal memory.
  2. Yes. It seems to be a bug with the SDCard. In system information, SDCard appears as two cards, not only one as it supposed to be.
  3. I´ve saw in system information, that my SDcard is duplicated. Strange..................
  4. Dear friends, before the update, the storage bar was showing 8GB space (my internal space). Now, with the new version, it´s showing 33,86GB of space. At first, i though that could be the sum of my internal and sdcard, but it´s not the real information, because i have a 16GB sdcard. So my total storage it will be 24GB and not 33GB. What is going wrong?
  5. Some new informations: i have said that my scm folder was empty. Yes, it was because i have disable task schedule, and no files were created inside this. Enabling task scheduler, files start to be created. So, when you run CC with files inside this folder, only the files inside are deleted. If you run again CC with this folder empty, CC delete this folder and all other ones that is empty (the problems occurs only when scm is deleted, i don?t know what can occurs when the others are deleted). So, maybe the solution for this "bug" is to do CC not delete empty folders inside logfiles. I used to u
  6. Yes.........it?s a option. Thanks for the hint.
  7. So, this is the problem that i was getting in my new Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits installation without knowing the culprit: So i?ve decide reinstall everything again and test with image points (using acronis trueimage). Every thing was fine until i?ve run CCleaner (not registry). After the clean, the problems starts. With some " restore/test" i?ve discovered the problem: Recreating this folder, all problems go away. So, my recomendation is: disable IIS Log files clean !!! Maybe a next release of CCleaner can also ignore this folder by default, even with IIS Log files enable.
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