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  1. I am looking for something similar. I am trying to move all of the files from the end of the drive so I can reduce the drive size (Vista, disk management ...). I have tried the defrag freespace option, but it didnt' work as expected. I expected that all files (except unmovable system files) would be moved into one block at the start of the drive, leaving the largest possible blocks of freespace, and hopefully leaving the tail end of the drive free so I could reduce the size of the drive. (Want to reduce drive size prior after doing a clean OS re-install and initial setup of base applications. Then will do a image copy I can use to recover from in future, rather than doing fresh OS install and attendant time wasting.) For example, I've got about 20gig of unused space on drive, but have several "straggler" files near end of drive. For example last block contains is 'grey blue' that is not on the legend, and when I hover over it says 1 file, and file list says "C:\$bitmap". But I can't find the file in explorer or a cmd window which is runas admin. PS: it would also be nice to be able to generate a text file listing filenames (and full path), optionally including attributes. That way I could massage the file to create move commands, ie move to another drive then move back so they are no longer so inconvinenetly placed (granted it wouldn't work with system files). PS: I think it would be better if the legend was displayed all the time. PS: in the file list it would also be nice to see all of the file attributes too, ie: Hidden, system, Junction(!)
  2. For most part, very nice little applet. Compares well to MS Win7 advisor. You should make it clear that the tool works best "running as admin". I've got a user class and admin class version running side by side. I'm surprised at difference info reported. When run under a user account display a clear message that reported information is limited. Graphics details is only place this is implied, with message "Error Access is denied", but strangely enough information displayed is identical, unlike other places like CPU and RAM. From quote above, I must be running "newer" version since I do see separate temperatures for CPU and HD (in Admin ID). Including separate temps for my dual cores (NICE). On further reflection, it is because I'm running in Admin mode. First time I ran it under user account, it showed no SMART info. When I tried to re-run it wouldn't start without admin rights, then when I finally did run it as admin it did show SMART info, said smart not supported I too would like to see explicitly stated 32 or 64 bit OS running and 32 or 64 bit capable hardware. Granted 32/64 bit hardware capability is implicit in chip name and model info, but it is really hard to find specific breakdown on internet (for those of who are not up to date on chip specs), every source I looked at assumed you already knew. Problem, in my 32bit Win Business it shows 1GB and 2GB RAM, but other tools report 2+2. I understand that 32bit Win only support 3GB and the info your tool reports is very detailed down to serial numbers and manufacture dates, so I'm inclined to believe you since I'm not inclined to open up the laptop. I would also like to see 2 more "optional' hardware features: TPM security support and Virtualization support. List them as titles and say yes or no and degree of support. TPM hardware support is advantageous for Bitlocker (if you are "lucky" enough to be running Ultimate or Enterprise). My dual monitors are not being reported also, but I can live without that info.
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