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  1. Hi all,


    We all know it. Drivers gets old and we have to try find new ones, but OEM manufactures dont update the drivers there. Then what ?


    Does anyone know of a website that might not be free, but can scan your PC for hardware and drivers and then tell you what hardware you need new drivers for ? Something that is not a scam and does not send you malicious software.



  2. First of all a big thanks to Piriform for working hard developing programs that I/we all use so very much. I use CCleaner and Defraggle tool everyday at work for all the PC's that we have running, and it is super !! Also a big congratulations with your newest addition "SPECCY" which also works without any hassle.


    I would love to see a Piriform program which would be an alternative to Microsoft CHKDSK. A program that could monitor my HDD's and also scan them for bad sectors etc. This could be added in to Defraggler instead of making a new product.


    What do other people think about this idea ? Is there a program out there that i missed and i dont have to pay hundreds of pounds/dollars for ?



  3. Hi everyone,


    Is it just me or does CCleaner never really clean junk from applications ? My CCleaner is very effective for windows and registry, but every time i scan for application junk 9/10 times it comes up with 0kb to be cleaned :) Just wonder if the rest of you have the same or just my PC that does not have all those crappy files from applications.


    Also does anyone know if you can safely delete $uninstal(something) under c:\Windows (you need to have show hidden files and folders turned on) I know it is from Service packs and other hotfixes, but they could take up ALOT of space.



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