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  1. Hi. Click on the small square graph of the CPU Usage and you will get a big graph And CPU usage is detected over here, so probably your CPU is not (yet) supported.
  2. I tested Speccy and found some thing to be improved. I do not know the current to-do list, so filter out yourself 1. Error when Speccy is started multiple times, maybe only when you have no administrator rights 2. I do not know which things are not shown when there are no administrator rights, this would be very nice if you can see what cant be 'requested' because of the rights. 3. The drive sizes is 0GB, probably because there are no rights on C:\ in Windows Explorer. 4. Displaying Free Space on drives would be handy for a support desk. 5. Will there be a command line parameter to export to XML? That was it for know. Besides this, thing look good. Looking forward for future versions. Good luck!
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