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  1. Only thing I would like to see added to Recuva is the ability to also sort on file type/extension. Have just had a calamitous month with a fairly new WD 2tb drive that has developed several bad clusters, accidentally (autopilot thinking) overwrote part of the drive before doing a safety copy of several important files, now searching through 700K+ files to find the ones I need. . Being able to do a sort on file extension without resorting to the search function would be a reasonable addition to the interface (only another column to add to the view structure)
  2. Just sitting watching defraggler do its thing on a new install of xp pro (after adding all of the post sp3 updates). Would be nice to have a "time to defrag" shown when the defrag completes. Not so much a measure of system performance or defraggler performance but of disk performance - it looks like this disk might have more than a few corrupt sectors (that have been marked) that is impeding optimum performance. Just a thought Shane
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