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  1. Its not my intent to steal a thread here, but I am seeing this problem as well. Same version of speccy (v1.16.317). I have two HP desktops on which the speccy loading status circle was spinning away without stopping. It works and finishes correctly on a Dell laptop. I don't know if its relevant, but the two systems in which the status circle was spinning do not have an Internet connection. The debugging logs look marked different to my inexpert eye. But I've included them below. Speccy_log1_16_31729-6-2012_21-19.txt Speccy_log1_16_31730-6-2012_5-15.txt
  2. Sure, I'll await the PM with the new installer to try.
  3. Well, I tried. The Details sub-window opens up when I press the Show Details button but the installer is so busy pounding away at the sound board that nothing shows up. Let me know what else I can try to assist with this.
  4. Thanks, Dennis Let us know if additional information is needed. Seems to be easily repeatable.
  5. I have no idea. This was the only place I found to report a software problem. I'm hoping that we get some good news from Piriform posted on this blog. You could try the finagle method, suggested by mike42, and keep trying different things until the problem goes away. I've backed off to v1.14 which works just fine for me until Piriform fixes the installer. If you don't have an older Defraggler to install, I could probably make the v1.14 installer available online somewhere. Send me a message and we can work out an exchange.
  6. Yes. Just for snicks, I unchecked this option and the install still fails. My thanks to Collider for reproducing the strange error.
  7. I downloaded the installation file for v1.15 from FileHippo. For the first couple of screens everything looks normal. I select English for the language. I get the Welcome to the Defragler v1.15 Setup Wizard. After clicking Next, I get the License agreement which I agree to. I take the default Installation Location, C:\Program Files\Defraggler\. There is plenty of space available. The four installation options are checked. However, I deselect the Add Start Menu Shortcuts and Install Optional Yahoo Toolbar options. The installation progress bar goes out 4 notches and stops. Meanwhile, "something" begins pounding away at my sound board, like rapid Morse code. I monitor the execution for awhile. No further notches on the progress are seen, but the executable does occasionally get control until I am forced to kill it off. I've tried this several times and always have the same problem. Thinking that there an error might have been introduced in the download, I downloaded a fresh copy from the alternate URL. The executable installation file was identical. I have also tried completely uninstalling v1.14 and reinstalling. I hit the same error on the install of v.1.15. Any ideas? Follow Up: I reinstalled v1.14 using the exact same options. This version reinstalled with no problem whatsoever. I am still at a loss to understand why v1.15 will not install.
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