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  1. Have an option to "wipe all free space" on the hard drive or just to "wipe space" on the part of the hard drive that the files being removed by CCleaner.
  2. The "System - Windows log Files" are NOT REMOVED after running CCleaner when log on as a limited account user. All "System - Windows log Files" are removed when log in on administrator. the computer is running on XP 32. CCleaner V2.25, V2.26 and/or V2.27. Thanks for any help, John
  3. Why can't defraggler run in Windows standard user account? Thanks, John
  4. Defraggler will not defrag folders in the System volume information folder. These folder are very large sometimes as large a 10 gb. The folders are named something like this {1b72586b-cb53...}. I am running Vista sp 2, 32-bit. The disk drive is about 230 gb and has 47% fragmentation. The files in question take up about 30gb of space on the hard drive. The drive was check for errors in Defraggler and none were found. What need to happen to get these files defregged? John
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