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  1. Hello, Recuva is as close as I've come to finding a perfect utility. It does exactly what it says, does it efficiently and quickly. Does it way better than most of it's competitors (most of which you have to pay for). So how can you improve on perfection? If only it had an option to run without needing user intervention? There have been times when I wanted to run it on a machine. I knew what type of files I wanted to find, the dates they were deleted and which drive it was on. But I wanted to do this in the background or in the night or just schedule it, but I could not use Recuva. I had to use 'PhotoRec', which did what I needed but I'd have preferred to use Recuva. You already have a config/ini file. I should be able to put the recovery directory and file types to recover in there . The only issue would be choosing the filesystem to scan. Most times it would be 'C:' drive. Hopefully if you implement this I would also be able to choose other filesystems or USB drives!! The one other nice to have (or 'Holy Grail' even) is scanning network mounted drives!! Thank you in advance. I look forward to the PERFECT utility.
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