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  1. Missing translation in the process confirmation dialog, wipe drive(s) section (see picture) Another inconsistence found in translation, the Cookies management is listed in "Options", and not in "Tools" as suggested. (Translation item ID 7002 ) Hope this helps
  2. Some parts of the GUI are untranslated in the latest versions, although my italian translation is 100% completed. These strings are in english in the lang-1040.dll file.
  3. Same for italian, as reported in the Announcements thread.
  4. Please note that the italian translation (lang-1040.dll) is outdated, although it has been completed as usual, as soon i got your mail. Missing translations: From ID 783 to 798 From ID 32863 to 32866
  5. As far i can understand it is in the Tools > Startup dialog. Here are listed all IE addons (or IE Extension or IE Helper) entries, if any. These entries can be enabled, disabled or deleted, as usual.
  6. I'm a Piriform translator since ages, and my (italian) translation has been completed about one week ago. Checked some other languages, they are outdated as well.
  7. As far i can see, the language files included in the installer are outdated.
  8. - Sulla scheda Pulizia Registro clicca "Trova Problemi" - Non cliccare "Ripara selezionati" - Clicca con il tasto destro nell'area dei problemi rilevati, e scegli "Salva come testo". - Invia qui sul forum il file salvato, come allegato. Forse qualche esperto potr? individuare il problema. NOTA: Prima di eseguire quanto sopra imposta la lingua inglese in CCleaner, per facilitare la lettura del log agli inglesi. --------------------------------------------------- - On the Registry Tab click "Find Issues" - Do not click "Fix selected issues" - Right click the found issues panel and select "Save as text". - Send here the saved file as attachment. Perhaps some expert could help you to find the issue. NOTE: Before to do what above, switch CCleaner to English language, to make easier for english people reading your log.
  9. Ok. Since i use IE8 as well, and since me and exasse are most likely both using non-english localized S.O. (french and italian) i guess that this issue somehow does affect only not-english localized Windows (XP?) only.
  10. 1. All the drives on my system are NTFS 2. I'm not that skilled but, beside the Notepad++ test, i'm skilled enough to check if a file is unchanged (it does keep same file size, same creation, last modified and last access date/hour timestamps) 3. My customized "non-default" location was not causing any issue to CCleaner, until the 3.00.1310 version included. Here is a screenshot taken using that version executable. As you can see this evil index.dat file is detected. CCleaner does report a 0 kbyte file size, but this doesn't matter, as you know. The important thing is that it was detected, and cleaned after reboot (as expected in that version). So this issue, at least on my system, surfaced with the "no reboot required" versions (3.01.1327 and current 3.02.1343)
  11. Sorry, no. I don't get any message from Notepad++, as the index.dat file does not change at all. It is completely untouched. As you can see in my previous screenshot, the Temporary Internet Files are located in a "not-default" location and this is correctly detected by CCleaner. CCleaner does clean all other Temporary Internet Files, but index.dat!
  12. I can confirm, as reportedForum link. The index.dat files are actually not cleaned, and not even detected by CCleaner. Wonder if the issue could affect some not-english localized Windows versions only. Here is a screenshot of CCleaner (after run analyze for index.dat). As you can see nothing is detected. Here is a screenshot taken after a global search for all the index.dat files on my system, using another software. (the most important to clean is the one highlighted in red)
  13. Thanks for the update, but unluckily AntiVir Desktop is still not cleaned at all, at least on my system. If may help, here is the working cleaning routine i use in my winapp2.ini: [*AntiVir Desktop (Events/Logs)] LangSecRef=3024 Detect=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Avira\AntiVir Desktop Default=True FileKey1=%CommonAppData%\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\EVENTDB|*.* FileKey2=%CommonAppData%\Avira\Antivir Desktop\LOGFILES|*.* FileKey3=%CommonAppData%\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\REPORTS|*.* FileKey4=%CommonAppData%\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\TEMP|*.* FileKey5=%CommonAppData%\Avira\Antivir Desktop\BACKUP\FAILSAFE\*.tmp Windows XP Pro SP3 (italian localized) Avira AntiVir Free ver. (english) Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
  14. I can confirm that the index.dat files are not cleaned anymore (Windows XP Pro SP3 fully patched, IE 8.0) Installed and tested the previous 3.00.1310, it does work fine. So it's definitely a bug of this latest version. Can't realize why you guys suggest to use an other application to make a job that CCleaner always did fine, since ages...
  15. Had the same issue, and fixed it by myself, deleting the wordwrap ( \n ) in my translation: Bad: ATTENZIONE! TUTTI I DATI PRESENTI SUI DRIVE SELEZIONATI VERRANNO DISTRUTTI!\nPer procedere, digita la parola %1 nella casella sottostante: Good: ATTENZIONE! TUTTI I DATI PRESENTI SUI DRIVE SELEZIONATI VERRANNO DISTRUTTI! Per procedere, digita la parola %1 nella casella sottostante
  16. Please increase the available space for the captions, specially on this dialog:
  17. Confirmed on Windows XP Creating a dummy empty flashplayer.xpt file then Adobe Flash Player is correctly detected, as said by Nergal above.
  18. Indeed, some friends i gave the link to the download page, quite frequently were answering that it does ask to "pay to download". In my opinion, just a different layout could help to avoid such kind of misunderstundings Concept Image:
  19. Whiteshark

    Lang Folder

    The non-english users could get rid of the unused language files as well, inserting in the "Include" list the C:\Program Files\CCleaner\Lang\ folder, and in the "Exclude" list the language file in use (in my case lang-1040.dll) In this way all the language files will be deleted, but the needed one.
  20. Let's add this list. Perhaps it's not updated, but could help anyway. Lang-.dll files: 1052 Albanian 1025 Arabic 5146 Bosanski 1026 Bulgarian 1027 Catal? 1029 Cesky 2052 Chinese (Simplified) 1028 Chinese (Traditional) 1030 Dansk 1031 Deutsch 1034 Espa?ol 1036 Fran?ais 1110 Galego 1032 Greek 1037 Hebrew 1040 Italian 1041 Japanese 1042 Korean 1063 Lietuviu 1071 Macedonian 1038 Magyar 1043 Nederlands 1044 Norwegian 1045 Polski 2070 Portugu?s 1046 Portugu?s (do Brasil) 1048 Romana 1049 Russian 3098 Serbian Cyrillic 2074 Serbian Latin 1051 Slovensky 1035 Suomi 1053 Svenska 1055 T?rk?e
  21. Short and simple, and without need of any additional button, why don't leave all the options unchecked by default, instead to have all them checked by default? The Install Options says "Select any additional option", not "Deselect any additional option you do not want install"
  22. Help Online - System Requirements On FileHippo you can find older versions. As far i can remember Defraggler didn't never supported Win98, since the first beta versions, though...
  23. Large files and free space defragmentation How Defraggler defragments freespace Test
  24. Thank you ! The small issue with the localization, as reported in this Forum thread is still there.
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