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  1. This program runs just like it should.......in safe mode, and on the XP Pro x32 side of my RAID array. So, I suppose it's become a matter of following the suggestions (some appear to have been deleted or moved) and stopping programs 1 by 1 until I can isolate the problematic ones. That would be the use of msconfig, unless someone has a better idea using Vista, another example of a Windows ME-stake, IMO. I'm running Office 2007 on the Vista side only. I wonder if that's the culprit? All other programs sans some PC games are the only differences, besides some being x64 compatible. Baffled. I know it is not what I expected: Kaspersky Internet Security build Thanks again for all the recommendations! sinewave ~~~~~~~~~~
  2. This is still taking 20-25 seconds to clean on a 6 month old i7 CPU with 12GB's of DDR3 ram. My opinion: terminally pathetic, but most likely not this program's issue. I've run CC back to the crap cleaner days.....problem free dangit! I don't have the .exe file saved for any version further back than 2.24 johnfull. I'll try your suggestions WickedGirl and Andavari. It breaks my heart when I do maintainence on the XP Pro side and CCleaner literally smokes. Let me do some work and I'll post back. Ya know what Wicked?? This might have occurred about the time I (dubiously) updated to KIS build That darn program is the most invasive anti-whatever-ails-ya suite I have ever used. I may indeed trash that, waste the remaining 280 days and go with.....(I'm thinking)......BitDefender. 280 days is no bargain if it fubars your machine. Thanks so much for the responses & warm welcome to these forums!! sinewave ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3. I used RevoUninstaller today & re-installed version 2.24.1010 which does what it has always done, even on a very old 'puter, and on the XP side of this desktop.....flys. It still runs slow as molasses on the Vista drive. Cleaning takes 25 seconds in an i7 920 CPU. What seems to be hanging it up (for lack of a better word) is: C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\History\History.IE5\index.dat So, I think it is not a CCleaner problem. My other cleaner is a 3rd party defragger called VoptXp and the cleaning function in it is fubared. Now down to study time. I gotta get this repaired. This is happening on the Vista x64 side of my RAID array, and started when Microsoft had those large updates (as I recall) on about 10/21/09. Any opinions are still much appreciated. sinewave
  4. I found the way to do most of the things I wanted to do, although that may take an hour (or) several. I'll ask as nicely as possible before I remove and reinstall this version (or maybe go with ncleaner). Does This Version, 2.25.2025 HAVE ANY known Issues with Vista X64, PUHLEASE? I am PRAYING that a moderator spots this. sinewave ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  5. I think I found the discrepancies and they exist in the Applications sections. If anyone knows how to add applications, I would be grateful for a reply. In the meantime, I'll do some studying before I have to start my 6/12 for this 1st week in total darkness. sinewave
  6. I am told I'm not supposed to apologize for ignorance (the lack of knowledge, and solvable as opposed to stupidy, which is permanent) ......but this is waaaaaaaaay over my head. If the moderators here don't mind, I'll leave this open until I (hopefully) get an answer my brain can manage. Thanks for the reply. I wish I understood.......but: I don't. I know the other versions worked much faster and that's about it. sinewave
  7. I have been using this max kick a** program for years. Never had any issues what..so..ever. In the latest version, my latest i7 920 desktop is running 4X longer with the same boxes ticked as my 8 year old piece of docked dell inspiron, on the Vista x64 side. On the Windows XP x32 drive it runs fine. On the RAID array on my desktop, I'm having horrid problems with the latest version, that I installed (as I recall) last weekend of 10/24/09. The older version while I'm in the XP x32 side is purrrring right along. At this point......I'm kinda hesitant to install/upgrade what's already working. I have the default boxes ticked and installed the latest version right over the top of the old one, like I have always done. Is anyone else having these issues, Please? I ran across this post when I searched the forums 1st and do run malware bytes. As far as I can tell and 95% sure, I am virus/malware/spyware/trojan free. Other protective programs I use regularly: Kaspersky 2010 Internet Security build (the most over-protective, over-bearing of the bunch) Windows Defender.....yes, I'm one of those: definitions updated daily from here, and a very use-ful weekly tool lately. SpywareBlaster by javacool......proactive defense. SUPERantispyware. I hope that's enough information. I surf with Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.4, and if you're a Mozilla advocate.....I'd suggest to get to version .4 soon: since the previous ones have multiple vulnerabilities. Thanks in advance for any replies and since I'm new here: Hello Piriform Community! Mr. sinewave ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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