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  1. Thanks, Nuke. Just a few minutes ago, using "Patch My PC", I did install it on one of my laptops (I've got 10 separate computers), which uses the build 18362, not the one that I reported on using build 18999. Patch My PC installed it straight away with no problems. When I reboot the one with 18999 (an insider version), probably tomorrow, I'll use Patch to install it there, as i will with all the other computers.
  2. Running Win 10 Build 18999. when downloading and attempting to install, Windows reports dangerous application
  3. Running Dell Venue 11 Pro with i5-4300Y CPU and 4 GB RAM ... Windows 10 Build 16299.125 I have installed the latest free version of CCleaner, 5.38, and I attempted to clean the registry. When I get to the part about saving the to be deleted registry files in my Document Folder, I get the following error message ... "File not found. Check the file name and try again". I uninstalled CCleaner from the machine, reinstalled it, and tried again. I got the same result and could not clean the registry.
  4. I downloaded and installed Speccy and then opened it. The first thing I noticed was that the Operating System (Win 10) Key it gave is different than what I got from two other softwares. Speccy starts the 25 letter-number combination as T49TD, while both ProduKey and Belarc starts the combination with YTMG3. Does ProduKey and Belarc get their information from another area than Speccy, and which is correct (if any are correct).
  5. Speccy reports my Windows 8 (.1) Pro with Media Center License Key ends with 7CBRQ, while Belarc and SIW report the Key ends with QV3JD. I do believe the Belarc and SIW reports are correct, while Speccy is incorrect. I assume this is a bug.
  6. Problem solved! There were two problems here... 1. The Icon Cache was corrupted ... and 2. The Task Bar was looking into the wrong location for the Icon. It was looking in the "Program Files" Directory when, because Defraggler is a 32 bit application, it should have been looking in the "Program Files (x86)" directory. To follow the directions below, you need to make sure that ALL Files are visible in Explorer, including System Files. By default, System Files are invisible. You will problably want to make all extensions visible, too. Solution ... Unpin the Icon and delete iconcache.db at (User Name) \App Data \Local. Reboot (which regenerates iconcache.db). Drill down to defraggler.exe (Program Files (x86) \Defraggler \defraggler.exe), right click on the file, and "Pin" it to the taskbar.
  7. I wish all computer problems were as small as this one, yet it bugs me a bit . I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my laptop (4 GB memory) after reformatting the hard drive. Defraggler is one of my favorite applications and I installed version 1.14.159 on the fresh operating system. I have always liked to use the old "Launch Bar" and tried to place the Defraggler Icon on the "Task Bar", which is the Windows 7 equivalent to the Launch Bar. In the Start Menu, I found "Defraggler", did a right click on the shortcut, and selected "Pin to taskbar". An Icon was pinned to the taskbar, but it wasn't the Defraggler Icon, it was the generic windows icon that they use for applications that do not have an icon (see attachment).dr I then opened Explorer and drilled down to Defraggler.exe and checked it's Icon. It was the same generic icon as on the taskbar. Going to the right click context menu, I clicked on "Properties" and I noticed that the picture of the Defraggler Icon was correct. Among other things tried to correct this problem was to redownload the application, uninstall the original, and reinstall. It did not work. How do it get the computer to properly display the correct icon? Thank you very much.
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