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  1. tomn

    Restore Points

    Not sure. I'm seeing all my restore points when I bring them up in CCleaner.
  2. Ok, that deleted one of the shortcuts on his desktop. Now my question is, how do I prevent this from happening again? I am usually the one that does any updating of new versions. The only place i see in the installation process that relates to this is where it gives you install options and has a bunch of the options ticked. The option for "Create shortcut on desktop" which is defaulted as ticked. I'm assuming this should be un-ticked on any future updates or am I missing something elsewhere?
  3. I've been using CCleaner for a couple years now and I didn't really notice it until my brother who uses a separate user account on this computer, showed me that he has two copies of CCleaner (Icons) on his desktop. Apparently when updating or installing new versions it's putting 2 on his desktop and just one on mine, or in the case of updating it's just overwriting. I clicked on both of his copies and both are the latest version. I tried uninstalling CCleaner using Revo uninstaller (medium mode) and everything on both accounts was deleted. I re-installed and same thing, one icon on my desktop
  4. Forgive me but I am confused here. In my main CCleaner folder (C:Program files\CCleaner) it contains a subfolder for Language DLL's, CCleaner application file and an Install/Uninstall app.file, nothing else. What might be putting those DLL files into your main CCleaner folder instead of your Language subfolder? Is this still happening with current installs of newer versions or was this related to older versions writing them this way?
  5. Unless I'm misunderstanding something here, selecting the option to Compact databases does NOT purge your bookmarks in FF.
  6. tomn

    CCleaner users

    Once CCleaner is installed on a computer it will work for multiple user profiles. But.... Unless I am misunderstanding you, CCleaner will only clean the profile of the user who is logged in at the time. I have two user profiles on my computer and it will only clean junk from user who is logged in at the time. I found this link, maybe this will be helpful: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=14936
  7. tomn

    compact databases?

    It has to do with the SQLdatabase that Firefox uses to store things. Over time they become larger and larger and the option to compact does just that. There are several other freeware's that do essentially the same thing such as "Speedyfox". For a general description go here and look at Option #6: http://www.techandlife.com/2009/09/is-fire...ht-speed-it-up/
  8. I use the latest version of FF and am trying to find out exactly what the compacting database option is. I'm wondering if I need to tick this option every time I clean or not, Pros/cons??
  9. What type of media do you back up images using the Macrium Reflect (local drive, Portable HD, CD/DVD etc..) and is it user friendly for those of us who are not particularly computer savy?
  10. FYI, If case you didn't already know you can set FF to clear private data (Browsing history included) every time you exit FF. That or just manually clear. You can customize what's in private data by going to OPTIONS then PRIVACY then SETTINGS. Check off what you want cleared.
  11. Thanks CC1, I suspected just append with /Auto would do it but wasn't sure.
  12. Several questions here about setting CCleaner to run automatically upon loading. I would like to schedule CCleaner to run as a weekly Windows scheduled task. I've set up the scheduled task to run "CCleaner.exe" weekly. However, I don't think this will actually run the cleaner upon loading, but just run the software bringing it to the main options menu. I've seen the pinned info at the top of this section on how to use Auto/shutdown. I would prefer to have an option that also allows me to run CCleaner manually and not upon loading. My question is how will this work with W
  13. Sorry I thought he was talking about the registry optimizer. My bad.
  14. Other users with more experience may chime in here but... I had similar questions on what is safe to clean and was told by number of people here and elsewhere that you shouldn't delete anything unless you know what it is your deleting. Not sure if anyone can tell you what those things you listed are or not, but at the very least you should back up the registry BEFORE you clean up anything that the registry scan finds. May want to create a system restore point as well before you clean. Also, you could download and install "ERUNT" (freeware) which is a registry backup software that can
  15. tomn


    Hey thanks fellas. The only reason for me to use the command line is that I have no need to store 30 days worth of backups and only wish to save 3 or maybe 5 days at any one time for better use of disk space. Dennis, does the initial backup on boot up add much to boot times? are we talking maybe an extra 30 seconds or minutes?
  16. tomn


    Hi, beginner here. I know this has probably been discussed here before, but I am a little confused on how to set this up. I first must say that I have yet to download ERUNT. I am using windows xp and firefox as my browser. When I initially download ERUNT is there anything special I have to do to get the setup program to download to my desktop? And after I run the installation program can I also get the shortcut for ERUNT to be installed on my desktop? The reason I ask is I seem to have had some issues before when downloading software and not letting me download to my desktop. F
  17. tomn

    Registry Entegrity

    i took your advice and visited the BlackViper site. Good reading by the way. By running services.msc I was able to either disable or change some of the services I don't need or to be loaded automatically on startup to manual. Re-booted, hard to say but may have improved startup time slightly not sure yet on anything else.
  18. tomn

    Registry Entegrity

    Pentium 4 2.80 GHz Never thought about that. I'm sure it's quite the memory hog.. Yah 512 of Ram is punny in today's world. I see some of the newer Dell systems with 4 gig of memory. 5 year old computer, maybe it's time for an upgrade........
  19. tomn

    Registry Entegrity

    Thanks for the opinions guys. Even If I go line by line or check by check, most of the stuff it finds I would have no idea of what or what not to eliminate. I know your answers will probably be similar, but I have also been reading about registry utilities specifically NTregOPt. This software (from my understanding) does not alter or delete anything in the registry, but rather compacts registry hive (a term they use). Possibly an equivalent to a disk defragger only for the Registry?? . It has received favorable reviews. Again snake oil or is there some validity to this type of software? R
  20. I recently have download CCleaner and was wondering about the Registry cleaner it uses. How safe is it? I ran the scan and it came up with a bunch of things to clean up, just not sure if I should or not. Is it fine to leave everything offered checked off that can be or should a beginner omit some of these? The reason I ask is that many so-called "experts" that I have come across claim you should not use registry optimizing software unless you know exactly what you are cleaning. I am far from expert status and am a little leary about using the registry entegrity section of CCleaner
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