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  1. Answers to comments: To Red Panda: Red Panda said , "Your only posts are in an AVG-related thread. Rorschach112 answered all your questions, so I don't see why you are complaining."- No, I guess you wouldn't see. Fish don't see water, either. Rorschach112 did not answer my questions, but reiterated the attitude to which I objected: "Its (sic) a good idea to follow the advice of moderators?" and gave me simply a ukase; "No you shouldn't unlock files." Where in that post did you see actual answers? That post can be defined as "Mind, you fool!" And to this: "Besides, Hazelnut was just trying to be friendly and to help you - locked files usually mean something is wrong in your computer. You are the one being unfriendly here - not us" Well, well! What a nice weasel-word usually is, to be sure! Did you entirely miss the point? I was asking for information that would help me decide whether to follow Hazelnut's advice, and I got a null. Being unfriendly? Terrific! Are you by any chance a bureaucrat? If you can't find a solution, then it's important to find someone to blame. To Hazelnut: You said, "allthumbs all I can say is that you must have misinterpreted what advice was given to you. We were concerned that your problems may have been malware related and so suggested something that would have sorted that out." Exactly my point! If my problems may have been malware related, they may also NOT have been. Such a solution, which involves NOT defining the problem, is like a surgeon saying, "Pains in the torso? Well, let's remove your gallbladder and see if that solves the problem!" Oddly enough, I don't want to accept that advice. Why should I spend hours of (what I consider my valuable) time implementing a solution to a problem I may NOT have? And then you said, "I get the feeling that perhaps whatever is suggested to you may not meet with your approval. " Is this an ever-so-subtle way of saying that since I'm obviously just a crank, my concerns are not legitimate, and can therefore be dismissed, right along with me? It is sad to find an "expert" needing such transparent ego-propping, instead of wanting to address an actual problem. Altogether, your reply illustrates, in delicious detail, the attitude I describe. To ishan_rulz: You said "They make me feel at home here, man." Well, of course they do. Since you are 17, most probably you cut your first teeth on a mouse, therefore you are a member of the elect. To DennisD: You posted, "I've read all your posts, and it's pretty evident from them that you came here with a preconceived opinion of this forum, and the people on it." Nope. Read my first post in this thread again. I came with an open mind, hoping to get information. And then you springboarded into, "You were treated with politeness and patience by each member who tried to offer you advice. Advice which you didn't want to accept." Oh, my! Does the fact that I did not choose to blindly accept the advice (which, since they did not have all the facts, was based on opinions only) mean that I am a beast and an outcast? Hmmm. . . is this another illustration of my premise that the people here think that they are superior to those who don't find all necessary Truth contained in technology, or mere coincidence? Tell me, does anyone on this forum ever bother to question their own assumptions? How unscientific! And as for "...quite insulting to each and every volunteer member and moderator on here who gives up their time for free to help folk like yourself." Oooo. Do I detect a bit of an "us and them" division here? Wake up and smell the condescension! To put a cherry on top, you then added, "No one twisted your arm to come here, but they certainly influenced your opinion, and no ones gonna twist your arm to stay. Can't make it any plainer than that." What a semi-polite way to say that I am not invited to rock the boat! More acceptance and encouragement of the idea that it is not acceptable to question authority, if more were needed! I do not question established facts - we all must perforce do business with gravity, for instance - but I certainly do reserve the right to question pretentiousness. To Talldog9: who told me not to join? Why? Do you want to put her/him on an enemies list? Shades of McCarthy! To Andavari: No, I am not "trolling? just to upset the forum." I am simply asking you, all of you, to examine why a forum that is composed of people who clearly consider themselves the leading edge of a society based on technology, must also consider themselves above the rules of simple logic, and who run about frothing when someone points out that the Emperor is naked! (For those of you who might be unfamiliar with this reference, I suggest you search amongst the tales of Hans Christian Anderson, for one written in 1837.) And my response to your "since we can instead help people that actually need, want, and appreciate the help," would have to be, "Awww! Did I hurt your feelings? " You see, I do need the help, I do want the help - but I didn't GET the help! I wanted information, not blanket solutions for the uninformed! And because I wanted to make an informed choice, I have been told what I already knew - that I'm not informed! This, you define as HELP? I wonder why it's unappreciated! To Tasgandy: When you state, "If your statements above were true, you would not be receiving so many forum members still attempting to help you by explaining themselves and their actions, . . ." I must ask you why you regard self-justification by your members as any kind of "help." I have not followed the "advice" given, because I object to implementing a solution to an as yet undefined problem. If, in fact, you are "never to old to learn," you might want to offer me ways to better define the problem, such as letting me know if it's possible to discover when, and by whom, the "locks" were placed on certain files. To redhawk: At least other members engaged. You sat on the sidelines and stayed out of the line of fire, until it was "safe" to come in with a smart remark. I have more respect for those who actually responded, even if they were not helpful, than for a person who merely used an opportunity to "score" off another's difficulties. Tch! Being "above it all" is an attitude for which I have no time. Finally, to all, let me reiterate: I want to get more information of substantive value. If anyone is interested in actual explanation, I'd be pleased to hear from him, her, it (perhaps there's an AI out there who has info, without personal agenda), or them. I will return, to see if my further inquiry has borne any cogent fruit. [For any who are unfamiliar with some words I used, I suggest encarta.msn.com as a good dictionary. Feel free to decide for yourselves to which listed meanings I refer. ]
  2. I was advised before I joined this forum, not to do so. I was told, "Don't bother - they are all too busy congratulating themselves on how smart they are to actually take the time to inform someone who is not 'tech-savvy,' in order for them to become more informed. They're like surgeons: anyone who isn't them, isn't worthy of their time. They think they have nothing to learn from anyone else, because only their disciplines contain any 'real' information. Because I believe in people, I denied that this would be the only possible outcome, and tried to get help here. Now, I'm sorry to say, I do believe it. When I posted a problem, the basic response was "Don't bother trying to understand this, it's all beyond you." When I objected,anhd asked for the information to make a choice myself, the further response was "Mind what your betters tell you, you fool!" You folks see yourselves as the leading edge, I'm sure, but your attitudes are so reactionary that I'm surprised you approve of fire! It is this kind of "unthink," and refusal to take personal responsibility for one's own decisions, that leads to revolution, because it encourages leaders NOT to listen. Bah, humbugs!
  3. Dear Hazelnut, I do appreciate that you're trying to help, but - ! All I asked for was answers to my 3 questions. I am not, at this time, seeking a "cure" for a problem. At this time, I don't know whether I have a problem. Everything on my computer seems to be running just fine, and these files may have been locked by the paid expert who set up my system, to keep me from bollixing it up. If I do what your post listed, it will feel like taking a Mannlicher to kill a gnat! I never tried anything illegal, but went to a link because a friend told me that there I could hear a recording of the Missa Louba. Obviously, my friend made an error. Are you telling me that these questions tell you that I DO have a virus? I will not try to cure something unless I know it's there. And, frankly, I'd probably pay a professional to fix it, rather than trying to do it myself; if I ruin my own computer through my lack of expertise, I'd have no recourse. If you have the patience to reply with simple answers to my three questions, or if others do, I will be grateful. I am aware that many tech-savvy people seem to have nothing but contempt for those who aren't, and frankly this feels a bit like a brush-off. I, too, have been a consultant on matters which require intricate and delicate manuvering through a system (human services for the developmentally disabled), and it is tempting to just dictate, and not explain to a person who is challenged. But I did not do it that way, because I respect that everyone has a right to make informed choices in their lives. There's the key word - informed. Please don't just tell me that I need an operation, without even a diagnosis. Thanks anyway!
  4. P.S. That happy face, which inserted itself, should have been a b [second letter of alphabet] followed by a close-parentheses sign. Don't know why it did that - tried to edit & got nowhere!
  5. I am not tech-savvy (chosen name "allthumbs" for good reason), so need explanations for the dumbest things! Is there a patient person out there who could explain some stuff? After a nasty experience with a site that would NOT let me log out, I disconnected from the net and did a restart and a whole-computer scan, which showed "no threats," but many "locked files." I've been trying to find out: a) what "locked file" means, who/when/how said files got locked, and c) whether or not I should unlock same (if I can find out how to do it) and run scan again? If anyone wants a small karma-upgrade, please give me a hand here. Sincerely grateful!
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