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  1. OK, about 24 hours later and I'm still having problems. After disabling system restore and making sure that the restore points had all gone I restarted Defraggler. Initially I thought that things were going OK but the process got slower and slower. Each % complete seemed to be taking twice as long as the one before it. It is now 10.42 am and since 8pm yesterday, Defraggler has only increased its % complete by 3. ie 3% completed in almost 15 hours. It looks like Defraggler is not the defrag program for me.
  2. Hi there, Just registered to say that I am having similar problems. I have used CCleaner for a long time now and so trusted Piriform to make a good defrag program. However, after 48 hours, I'm sitting at 25% complete and in the last 12 hours it has only increased by 1%. Fragmentation is 52%, just like it has been throughout the whole process. My system is running Vista Home Premium 64 bit, my HD is 1 Terrabyte (with 300 GB used). For Kas' information, the machine is not Valve driven, nor is it Russian . It is, in fact, only 3 months old, has 12GB of RAM and is the fastest machine that I could afford back when I bought it. It runs every other program that I have asked it to at lightning fast speeds. I have only just found out (by reading this thread) that the system restore points may be responsible so I will try disabling them. However, so far, Defraggler falls a long way short of what I hoped it would, which is a shame.
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