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  1. I hope that the Latvian language will be added as soon as possible for both Defraggler and Speccy... As they have been translated for quite a while now.
  2. I am using Speccy v1.13.276 om my other computer too! Isn't it possible that this Windows version bug is just for Professional editions of MS Windows 7? It seems OK on Home Premium (32- and 64-bit) and, as you say, on Enterprise version. Here is the whole screenshot including Speccy's version:
  3. Update: It seems that the problem is related to Windows 64-bit version. On 32-bit Win7 Professional it seems fine: By the way - one more thing - Speccy does not show which version of Windows 7 do I have (Professional) :
  4. I've got some random characters appearing in the Hard drive section right after Power On Count number. I am using Speccy v1.13.276 on 64-bit Win7 Home Premium
  5. KristoZ

    Speccy v1.13

    I have similar question as Willy2 - What about Latvian language? Is it going to be implemented in the next build?
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