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  1. Thank you, Andavari, I've limited the size of the Log Files, so shall see what happens. Yes, oops, you're right about "aswAr1.log", it's the other two that keep growing.

  2. Hello,


    Are there any plans to include the deletion of Avast Log Files .... because they get larger and larger and larger ...... !!!


    They are stored in C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Alvil Software/Avast5\Log\


    the ones that get larger and larger are ...Setup.txt, aswAr1.txt, usntr.txt


    Thank you,


  3. CCleaner is a great program.


    Is there any way, when CCleaner, checks Microsoft/Office/Recent/ folder in Office XP, that the index.dat file in that folder could be excluded? I tend to exclude Office XP from my scan, because it deletes some of the settings. But that means the true Recent documents are not deleted.

    Thank you, Mags.


    Edited to say, I think I may be wrong. I've just run some tests, loaded Word, deleted the contents of the Recent folder manually including index.dat, and no setting in Word were changed. I think it must have been coincidence that I noticed lost settings after running CCleaner? Sorry.

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