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  1. yesterday I started defragging, with about 104 GB free space on my harddrive left. I just woke up, looked at my pc, and saw this has come down to just 40 GB. Where did that go??? Lesser space = slower defrag, so it's taking longer and longer to defrag.
  2. after a week, I suddenly got my harddisk space back (and an additional 10Gb, which is ofc allways nice ). But as i sad in my starting post, even when i deleted the shadow copies, disabled all windows-defragging and backup systems, i still didnt recover anything...
  3. Hi, I just downloaded defraggler onto my laptop, and just ran it. before I had about 209.5 GB free space on my hard drive, after i was left with just 160.9 GB. Now I know that the help topics suggest that i run windows disk cleaner and remove the shadow copies, so I did. Problem is, it just gave me back 17 GB, so I still lost about 25 GB. Now I'm defragging again, but it's going even slower then previously (last time it took about 20 hours). It's been going on for about 3 hours, but i'm still just at 1%... I have a Sony VAIO, windows vista home premium 32-bit, intel 2.4 GHz dual c
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