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  1. I'm running XP Media Edition with Service Pack 3 and IE8. In CCleaner/Tools/System Restore I'm seeing a restore point that says "Unsigned Driver Install". Has anyone out there run across this? and Where is the information in CCleaner/Tools/System pulling from? I'd like to see what driver it's talking about. HELP! THANKS!
  2. On the "Windows" tab of CCleaner you can check the "Wipe Free Space" box on the very bottom under "Advanced". The warning that comes on just tells you it's going to take a long time (not lying). Only danger is that the deleted files on your hard drive will not be recoverable. In most cases that's good. Below is a link to the help topic. http://docs.piriform.com/ccleaner/using-cc...free-disk-space You can also reinstall back to factory settings. This re-formats the hard drive wipes everything off. Only do this when all hope is lost.
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