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  1. ...yes, and I would like to request it again! IMHO it should be quite simple to implement ... some competitor product can do it, so why should CCLEANER fail to match that? BR, HenrikS
  2. I agree with 'daddo' in what it is all about, and that CCLEANER should provide that functionality (as it is quite simple - at least for WinXP). Some time ago I made a "workaround" command script (.cmd) to delete temporary data in the "C:\Documents and Settings" directory using the command FOR, looking like this: @echo off title HenrikS program til sletning af midlertidige filer p? %computername% (ver. 2008-12-14) rem =================================================================== rem Sletter alle midlertidige filer (temp+internet) for alle brugere rem =================================================================== rem 2008-11-19/HS: F?rste udgave rem 2008-12-14/HS: Udvidet til at Virke p? dansk/engelsk rem =================================================================== color 17 set Lokal_sti=Lokale~1 rem tjek sprog (engelsk?) via pause kommandoen echo a | pause | find "any key" >nul IF %errorlevel% EQU 0 set Lokal_sti=Locals~1 echo Tryk Ctrl-C for at afbryde sletning, eller Enter for at starte sletning pause for /d %%i in ("c:\documents and settings\*") do call :DelInet "%%i" pause goto :eof :DelInet echo Nu slettes data for: %~1 for /d %%j in ("%~1\%Lokal_sti%\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\*") do call :DelTDir "%%j" del "%~1\%Lokal_sti%\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\." /q /a for /d %%j in ("%~1\%Lokal_sti%\Temp\*") do call :DelTdir "%%j" del "%~1\%Lokal_sti%\Temp\." /q /a echo =================================================================== goto :eof :DelTDir echo Sletter %~1 del "%~1\." /q /a rd "%~1" goto :eof PLEASE include the ability to clean temporary files for ALL users/profiles, as it will make CCLEANER more useful for PCs with multible users (each leaving tonnes of temp files...) BR, HenrikS
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