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  1. in addition to the file extension filter, what about being able to move entire directories to the end of the drive? could be implemented with wild cards in the existing extension filter: C:\USER\ADMIN\DOCS\* moves whole 'DOCS' directory
  2. @fireryone - ah ha! shows how well i know CC. thanks. @Disk4mat - yes! agree absolutely. would be good to be able to select multiple keys and send them all to the ignore list.
  3. would sure love to see an option to whitelist/ignore user defined registry paths
  4. hi MrT before we go too far let me ask you this; i have the system TEMP variables pointing to the root of a partition (d:\) rather than a directory (d:\temp) and i'm wondering if this is the problem? i'm asking because i see in options > custom files... you cannot add the root of a drive/partition UPDATE: this is, in fact, the problem. CC doesn't like it when you point the TEMP directory to the root of a drive (as from computer > properties > advances > system vars). i changed the directory (both user and system) from D:\ to D:\TEMP and all is well sorry for the trouble
  5. thanks to the dev(s) for this software - been using it a long time and it works well overall. 2.24.1010 on XP isn't cleaning the temp directory. i change this directory on install do D:\TEMP for both system and user, but older versions of CC have handled this fine. in system and user variables: TMP D:\TEMP TEMP D:\TEMP
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