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  1. Hi, guys So, what's the consensus here after all the discussion? Should I beware or should I not?
  2. Oh, really? Phew! For a second I was hoping you're not the commander of nuke missile silo or you might wipe me of the earth. Okay. I'm calm. See: But... if write "I want this bug fixed" next time, wouldn't I get kicked?
  3. ^ Yeah, that sticky topic alright. Anyway, having normal users to register just to get a copy of a free community contribution (is that the right term?) is kind of things that Microsoft would have done and by doing that just hindered the growth of its user base. But anyway, suite yourselves. I'm cool.
  4. Wow! You guys are so touchy! Please, try to calm down! There is no stomping or anything, OK? I just like to "second" that request. Just that, OK? (And I guess you didn't read that sentence in its context.) Oh, and it's not my fault the that this thread is started here. It's that fleetcommand guy's fault. And I didn't mean anything intrusive or anything, I just supported an opinion. Please don't ban me, OK?
  5. ^ Actually, ever since I made my original post, I have been thinking and I realized that there are even more reasons for having this bug fixed than just deleting thumb.db files. Just imagine what scenarios can be implemented! I want the whole bug fixed now. --- P.S. About deleting thumb.db files, don't be so suppressive. Same thing can be said about all features of CCleaner. You can always say "There are no need to have this feature because you can have it done by clicking this and that" and suppress a feature request. Beside, thumb.db files come and go with downloads too. And furt
  6. Hi, Hazelnut Are you one of the developers? And isn't it better to host winapp2.ini on the main website?
  7. Hi, Carl There is also an important troubleshooting step to follow: Uninstall CCleaner completely and install it in an alternative location, such C:\Program Files\Pirifom\CCleaner. See if the problem re-occurs. I trust you know how to do that, right?
  8. Hi. I'm new around here but I'd like to second that request. I'm only interested in cleaning thumbs.db file from all of my computer and every shared computer that I work with. Not any more. Having this bug fixed enables the implementation of lots of cleanup scenarios. Just think about all those junk files that have the same patterns in their names and are better off deleted... like archive-comment files, *.GID files, ACDSee cache files, Microsoft Office cache files, ...
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