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  1. By bark, you mean the Action Center? Think there was a way to disable its complaining if you don't use any AV/Firewall.
  2. 1. Stop using the Free version and purchase the Pro when on sale. (Free is NOT what it was anymore after Avast takeover) 2. Start using a firewall (should be basic standard for any PC user) and block: analytics.ff.avast.com CCUpdate.exe (probably not needed after 5.50 update) To be really specific, I have blocked everything except: (Check for updates) 3. Set Updates to 'manual' and uncheck everything in Privacy. (Needs 5.50 update) 4. Use a *cough*alternate*cough* version 5. Uninstall and use another similar software I get no ads, popups, or forced updates. Most of the users complaining here are either on the Free version and/or don't use any firewall whatsoever.
  3. The applicable solution to this miscommunication going forward would be: 1. 1-year subscription as compensation for not clarifying to consumers about yearly subscription since it was hidden within the fine print.* 2. 75% off one-time use 1-year subscription.* 3. An apology *Needs to provide legit receipt to be marked off Think that receipts going forward should state yearly subscription so there is no further miscommunication and excuse to say "it was in the fine print"
  4. Didn't realize the re-released v5.46.xxxx was the same crap as the one they took down before with just minor text changes/rewording (other minor misc.) after the controversy and backlash it received since the Avast takeover. After updating from v5.44 downgraded version to the re-released build of v5.46, I am getting (now and then) attempts to contact [analytics.ff.avast.com] even when privacy options and version update check are disabled/unticked. Never happened in v5.44 though so I want to downgrade back again but apparently Piriform doesn't keep previous versions around at all. Looking for ccsetup544pro.exe
  5. Ah, alright then Andavari. Thanks for the info no less.
  6. Using latest v4.05 CCleaner. Just wondering if any tech savvy or rather registry savvy people could help me with a few registry files I'm looking to clean out. I've already taken the pre-caution to backup the registry before fixing these issues but I would like to know more of these entries if anyone can provide them. I believe the CTXFISpi.etc is related to Creative Xfi driver, Download.SwInstaller related to Shockwave Player? Though I am not sure with these CA3-4/CNE.event
  7. Interesting Thanks for the info. Although this may be the case, still doesn't stop the team from excluding it from History. After as I mentioned above, for History it should only clear the data on websites vistied and the cookie .dat thing should be left on the cookie option. Even though it is in a temp folder, it wouldn't be deleted if it did exist in the first place. First off I don't have this Temp/Cookies folder at all to begin with. Secondly if that were the case, checking System->Temporary Files and IE->Temporary Internet Files would wipe the files out. Even then its not related since whenever I clean those selections and start IE, it still has the history of whatever links I've clicked in purple. Its the History and Cookie thing that I say is messed up since only cookies keep those sort of history preferences. I just double checked and the correct folder to cookies is #:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies but you'll have to show hidden system files in order to see it.
  8. Yep I always run the latest. I'm just wondering if you've encoutered the same issue. Trying downloading a linked file. It'll turn purply to let you know you've clicked on the link. Then close IE and un CCleaner and select History as a clean. After the clean open IE back up to the site where you've downloaded a file. It should go back to default color before you clicked on it.
  9. If you mean by having default settings. then yes it would always be enabled...
  10. Seems to me ones noticed this yet but from what I've discovered, whenever I choose clean IE history, it deletes cookies instead. If not, then it surely deletes/clears anything i've clicked before. Like when you click on a link, it leaves a colored purple reminder that you've clicked on this link already. Cookies only remember those sort of history so I don't get it. It seems they switched the History and Cookie cleaner around. History is suppose to clean visited web pages not history of webpage clicks which are stored in cookies no? Unless I'm mistaken here, since i've used other cleaners and its never done this before...
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