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  1. I use Avant Browser for normal browsing and have IE8 for rare occasions. Whenever I run CCleaner, whatever the status of my browser, all the favicons are gone. I should like to add my request for this to be an option in a future release but I am happy to avoid the problem by adding the appropriate folder to the Exclude list in CCleaner. Only, I just can't find the right folder despite a search with hidden folders displayed. Would some kind person please tell me the path to the folder that holds my Avant Broswer favicons? I will be most grateful.
  2. This is a minor but annoying behaviour. I use Word 2007 and click the Open icon or Ctrl+o. A box opens in which I can navigate to the file I want. I drag the handles on this box to get a much larger size for easier use. Similarly, after creating a file, I clcik on the Save As icon or F12 to get a similar box. Again, I make this much larger. Exactlty the same use is made of the Excel 2007 Open and Save As boxes. After running CCleaner 2.25.1025 the size of these boxes was reset back to the default size. I discovered by trial and error that removing the tick from the Windows Explorer - Other Explorer MRUs prevented this resizing from happening. But of course this will prevent other desirable cleaning from taking place. Hopefully the setting for remembering the sizes the user sets for Open and save As boxes could be left alone in a future update.
  3. Thank you so much for fixing the Windows 7 Task Scheduler issue. It works for me. Winzip needs a little look too; if Winzip is included in the list of Applications to clean, then some user settings are removed. For example, in Winzip under Options, Configuration, Folders, I set the Extract folder to "Open archive folder", but CCleaner changes this. The registry key concerned is: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nico Mak Computing\WinZip\directories] and the entry affected is: "gzExtractTo"="2" "2" means "Open archive folder". CCleaner deletes this along with a couple of other personalised entries. When all is set as I want it, my registry entries are: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nico Mak Computing\WinZip\directories] "ZipTempRemovableOnly"="1" "ZipTemp"="C:\\Users\\John\\AppData\\Local\\Temp" "CheckOutBase"="" "zDefDir"="0" "DefDir"="D:\\11D" "gzExtractTo"="2" "gzAddDir"="0" "AddDir"="C:\\Users\\John\\Documents" but after including Winzip in CCleaner Applications, the entry is only: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nico Mak Computing\WinZip\directories] "CheckOutBase"="" "ZipTemp"="C:\\Users\\John\\AppData\\Local\\Temp" "ZipTempRemovableOnly"="1" If this gets fixed as fast as the Task Scheduler issue, I shall be mightily impressed. Please let me know If I can provide any more information. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I never had that box checked, in fact nothing in the Advanced section. What I have discovered by testing every option, yes, every one, one at a time is that the problem of the Open and Save As dialog boxes in Word and Excel 2007 being reset to default size does not occur if I uncheck the box marked "Other Explorer MRUs" in the Windows Explorer section. What else does that section do, that is now no longer cleared? I would find it very useful to have a detailed list of exactly what each check box turns on or off to enable this sort of thing to be tracked down. The list on the web site is not detailed enough to track down the problem. Can anyone tell me what folder or registry entry is cleaned when the "Other Explorer MRUs" box is checked? If I can find the file or entry that affects Word and Excel, I can add that to the exclusion list.
  5. After running CCleaner, the File Open and File save boxes in Office 2007 are reset to the default small size. I drag the boxes to the size and position I choose and they stay there until the next time I run CCleaner. I have removed the check mark from the Office 2007 line in Applications, what else can I do to prevent this unwanted change by the otherwise excellent CCleaner?
  6. After using CCleaner, a setting in Winzip was changed. The registry key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nico Mak Computing\WinZip\directories is changed. The contents of this key become: "ZipTempRemovableOnly"="1" "ZipTemp"="C:\\Users\\John\\AppData\\Local\\Temp" "CheckOutBase"="" but they started out as: "ZipTempRemovableOnly"="1" "ZipTemp"="C:\\Users\\John\\AppData\\Local\\Temp" "CheckOutBase"="" "zDefDir"="0" "DefDir"="D:\\11D" "gzExtractTo"="2" "gzAddDir"="0" "AddDir"="C:\\Users\\John\\Documents" I know that the entry "gzExtractTo"="2" tells my Winzip to extract to the current archive folder because I asked Winzip why the setting kept changing to the default directory. Trials have shown that unticking the Winzip box in CCleaner, Applications prevents this from happening. It seems that CCleaner is a bit too draconian in cleaning up Winzip.
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