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  1. Good morning (8.15 am here) - Mine aso went about 3 days but I decided to do a manual update - The download included many large files so it took quite a while to load - As said above there are a few times a year this occurs so either be patient or do it manually - With millions of free users it should be regarded as a large advantage to users that we get such good service - As epost said - Many other companies with that many free users would not be able to handle constant, delivered, updates - We do usually them manually -
  2. Hi - I found it had a minor conflict with my Avira (when both were active) - So I disabled Avira temporarilly and found it ran well - I think it is meant to be a 'stand alone' AV once you read the EULA - (Very comprehensive text, as usual for M/soft) -
  3. Only beat me by 1 year (58) and a quarter - (an old photo)
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