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  1. Hey guys. I had a discussion by mail with Ward recently and he advised me to visit this forum. So topic is different folder for scanning. His statement:


    I think the paths thing has come up more than once on the forums and generally the response has been that the hard paths aren't going away. They made some exceptions for browsers, allowing you to do a CustomPath for browsers that are forks of major ones (think - palemoon before it was supported, you'd use a custom path pointing to %LocalAppData%\Moonchild Productions\ etc)


    So i know there is the possibility to make hard links - that works but as i wrote to him:

    - it would take a lot of time to check all entries - if i have them (well i have entries that are detected with CCleaner cause registry based -but where no FileKey would ever be found-, yet i won't see any entry starting with "DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\" so i would have to check all 1,505 entries, yet not truly as i can search for that phrase) and create symbolic links for them - further i would need to:

    ° Check on every winapp2 update if new entries exist that link to a wrong folder.

    ° Check on every new program i install if an entry with wrong linked folder exists.

    - it would ruin my clean folder management


    I also did a bit of searching here, therefore usefull links: #1, #2, #3. So CustomLocations might be an option too, but first off i am unsure if works for s.t. else then Browser? And 2nd it doesn't work, if i set f.e. "CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|D:\FirefoxPortable\Data\profile" it still doesn't find it's traces. And 3rd if you set it on several application-groups for several folders it slows down scanning.


    Anyway/Additional i talked about other options i could think off:

    I currently think of 2 ways:

    - CCleaner change so that you can add "general additional folders to search" meaning instead of %ProgramFiles% CCleaner also searches in these folders (probably for every entry every time).

    - Or a batch file that: asks for folders to search additionally, checks if a folder-entry exists according to winapp2, if not searches on additional folders and if they exist there, change the path.


    The batch-way would be for sure the cleaner solution resulting in a faster scan. I also thought it could be added into the current trim batch but after finding out it is based on ccleaner.ini entries and that is created after detection (so you would miss undetected entries) it would be nearly useless. So i may ask what you find of that idea/such a bat? May even some of the "resident batch masters" could create one?

  2. I do not have windows 7 myself but perhaps this may help




    Is it this perhaps?



    Well, this may clears the registery settings (either I am still asking where to find the option in CCleaner and i'm not sure what CCleaner now would clear)? Clear all Histroy eg. differes here between "File & Folders" History and "Computer" history http://www.clearallhistory.com/clear-windo...h_history_files.


    However all tools will clear just the registery settings, but taking a look in searching for files & folders the searches stored under C:\Users\*Username*\Search\ (See also the image below) are included and I am asking how to clear that folders (couldn't find any informations on that)?



  3. Hi! I'm also new but using this cool tool ;) quite a while. Actually I got a question to one point of the changelog
    Added file search history cleaning for Windows 7.

    Where can this be found?


    Someone may is able to answer my question?

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