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  1. Is there any programs to remove / add entries to the "Open With" thingy ? Some of my files, such as .jpg, are bloated with programs I only rarely use.
  2. Matt_

    convert to mp3

    I use LAME with RazorLAME.
  3. Matt_


    Is it better than Ewido ?
  4. It's not illegal to post a full story as long as you credit the right author.
  5. Delete your browser's cache.
  6. Matt_

    Post DeskTop

    I wouldn't even bother listening to them, don't want to ruin all the time I've been waiting only to be dissapointed. I don't think GnR will be the same without McKagan, Izzy and Slash anyway. Even if Axl Rose has great talent.
  7. Antivir is a false positive whore.
  8. My mate didn't give me back the 2$ he borrowed last day. I was gonna invest it in Airbus shares but now, my dream is all gone.
  9. - Ability to delete empty un-used folders. - Ability to delete un-used and leftover icons.
  10. You could always download AM deadlink. http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/AMDeadLink/976700422/1
  11. AMD64 3500+ @ 2200mhz. 1024mb (512x2) Cas 2.5 DDR400 Kingston. Gigabyte 6800GT 256mb GDDR3. Nvidia NF4 SLi. Western Digital 120GB S-ATA 8mb. I'm replacing my Ram soon for (1024x2) and getting a 300GB or so HD to add 3-4 or so months to its life. Will probably get a new one in July if I don't find anything else to burn my money on.
  12. It does that when you rename folder names oddly enough.
  13. Add some kind of option to automatically make backups when cleaning the registry. Would make more fast and I sometimes click "no" inattentively.
  14. Very great update but I find the old icon to be better.
  15. My music folder contains: AC/DC. Bruce Dickinson. Black Sabbath. Iron Maiden. Guns N' Roses. Judas Priest. Led Zeppelin. Pink Floyd. Metallica. Rush. The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Queen. Kiss. The Rolling Stones. Tool. Dream Theater. Velvet Revolver. Mot?rhead. Thinking about getting a few CDs of Rob Halford's solo career this week.
  16. I personaly use: - Adblock Filterset.G Updater. - Adblock Plus. - Remove It Permanently. - Bookmark Backup. - PDF Download. - CuteMenus. - IE View. - Tabbrowser Preferences. - Google Preview. - Download Manager Tweak. - FlagFox. - Customize Google. - Disable Targets For Downloads. - Google Toolbar for Firefox. - Nightly Tester Tools. - Bug Me Not.
  17. Great to hear, continue the good work.
  18. Matt_


    Music I listen to: - AC/DC. - Black Sabbath. - Guns N' Roses. - Iron Maiden. - Jimi Hendrix. - Judas Priest. - KISS. - Led Zeppelin. - Metallica. - Pink Floyd. - Queen. - Rush. - The Rolling Stones. - The Doors. - The Animals. - ZZ Top.
  19. Download and install the Nightly Tester Tools. Enable "Make All Compatible" in the "Extensions" tab. That is the only possible way to make certain extensions work for Beta releases.
  20. Ran it thousands of times and still didn't get ONE single problem.
  21. I use Reg Seeker. Not only does it creates a backup file of the registry before deleting obsolete entries, but I never had any problems whatsoever deleting all the entries it found. http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/RegSeeker/1035382760/1 (Reg Seeker build 1.45)
  22. Matt_

    SWITCH 1.05

    I personally use LAME with the RazorLAME U.I to encode my .mp3 files and decode them to the .wav file format. http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/LAME/955435184/1 (LAME build 3.97) http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/RazorLame/1011170460/1 (RazorLAME build 1.15) Both freeware and easy to use.
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