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  1. I'd convert to Judaism only for the Kipa, it has to be the most awesome cap ever designed. Other than that I'm pretty much happy with my Atheism. I don't even take the current "non-missing" gospels as truth.
  2. Completely malware free, I also use it.
  3. http://www.answers.com/ or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page are my favourites.
  4. Intentional typo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111one111eleven1
  5. As of today, I am officially 16 years old. Not only am I getting my driving licence on the 26th but I got my own electric guitar, amp and 340C$ (300$) that I will most probably burn on music CDs and a few books. I have already been playing guitar for about 5 months with my brother's Fender or his 1950s-ish acoustic/electric collection Gibson but now I'l have to contend with a Jay Turser Stratocaster. It does sound good for a budget class guitar though.
  6. Isn't the new build only useful to software developers ?
  7. As far that I know, aren't those builds strictly limited to software developers ?
  8. Hehe, you're quite lucky Mr.Brownstone. I'm personally hoping for Iron Maiden's North American tour for their soon coming up concept album. Saw Megadeth & Dream Theater last month and it was amazing. Don't know why they have chosen to tour with the crappy "metal"core band Trivium though. Judas Priest would of been a wiser choice imo. The best should tour with the best.
  9. Matt_


    Has anyone thought about taking over devellopment of winapp2 ? Hasn't been updated in ages.
  10. Matt_


    I used system restore.
  11. Matt_


    Every time I open up Windows, the folder C:\Program Files\Common Folders opens up ? How to fix this ? Nevermind, fixed.
  12. Thanks rridgely. Currently installing CDBurner Pro because it is still updated.
  13. I'm very disappointed with Nero 7 and all the newly bundled programs that I don't even plan on using. Is there any good freeware alternative ? Or should I reinstall my good ole Nero 6 OEM CD ?
  14. Quite ironic that CCleaner does not clean Yahoo's search history.
  15. Matt_


    When I leave the comp idle for a few minutes, my account automatically logs off. Is there any way to prevent this ?
  16. Give someone the task to update winapp2.ini, most of the entries are extremely outdated.
  17. It clearly states that it is CCleaner and was probably proposed by people as a way to improve the awful performances of the early months of Battlefield 2.
  18. http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/CClea...er/1100194579/1 - Updated Hotfix Uninstaller cleaning. - Added secure certificate to the installer. - Improved secure deletion performance. - Fixed a few issues with 64bit OSs. - Fixed checkbox bug on Issue Scanner. - Added Galician Translation. - Minor updates to Arabic and Hebrew. - Minor interface and style update. - Minor performance tweaks.
  19. Matt_

    Problem with iPod

    Won't be reinstalling Nero on my format, bloody bloated program! Thanks for the help though.
  20. Matt_

    Problem with iPod

    Ah f*** it. Going to format tomorrow.
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