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  1. I never understood why individuals want near absolute anonymity on the Internet. I guess it's about preventing identity theft ?
  2. It could be a mild form of OCD.
  3. I recommend you install it as soon as possible considering a majority of current and future XP security updates are only compatible with it. Never had any system crashes nor program stability problems because of SP2. I don't know why some people are against it, same goes for Microsoft's .NET Framework.
  4. Matt_

    Help Desk Horror

    I think that most people (99.9% of worldwide population according to my personal estimations) are affected by stupidity, and it doesn't limit itself to the usage of computers. I know an individual who bought on Ebay for 150 U.S dollars a URL to get the chance to win a laptop because he didn't completely read the description of the item on sale and thought it was an actual physical computer on sale. I remind him of it each time we meet.
  5. I doubt information about it's location was released publicly.
  6. Matt_

    Home pages

    The URL sheme about:blank is used as the generic name of a few CoolWebSearch (malware) variants.
  7. Matt_

    Home pages

    Used to have the Wikipedia as main page for a few years but now I use iGoogle. Every product which name' starts with a lowercase i turns out to be man's next best friend.
  8. Matt_

    Cookie question

    What is your favourite between Oreo and Chips Ahoy! cookies ? On a more serious thought, is there a reason I should keep cookies that aren't related to either website or forum logins ? As an example I have mozilla.com and mozilla.org cookies currently stored. Considering it is unlikely that Mozilla is a recognized privacy intruder, is there any justifiable reason I shouldn't remove them ? Any third-party cookie manager for Firefox that is recommended ?
  9. Yay for clean desktops.
  10. Matt_

    MS DOS 6.2

    Wouldn't surprise me, the Iron Maiden remasters which were released in 1998 prompt the user to install some crapware by the name of Director Player that was probably released a few years before the birth of Christ. Even performing the sign of the cross to access the multimedia files didn't help.
  11. Right click on the icon of the HDD in which Windows is installed in My Computer ---> Propreties ---> Disk Cleanup ---> More Options ---> System Restore "Clean up...".
  12. Vista was in development before XP was even released.
  13. FastStone Capture user here. Shareware does not necessarily mean anti-christ.
  14. I find it quite funny that people have started to find every slightest flaw of Firefox since it has gained a significant share of the browser market. I love the rhetoric used in the article's title to make it seem Mozilla admitted Firefox was a flawed browser. Goebbels would be proud. Opera is a nice browser, but her sister's hotter. Isn't bloated with features I could care less about , extensions give me a way to customize my browsing experience (and there is an almost incalculable number available), and it's open-source. Actually I could care less about the latter... The memory
  15. Is it possible with Scheduled Tasks to make an anti-spyware program lauch itself and start scanning right after the anti-virus has finished, or will I need to mesure the amount of time taken for the scan of the latter ? Added to my "to do" list. Thanks.
  16. Is there any faux pas in my operational order concerning my weekly computer maintenance ? 1) Scanning for viruses and other malware. 2) Removal of old system restore points. 3) Cleaning with CCleaner. 4) Cleaning the registry. 5) Defragmentation of the registry. ---REBOOT--- 6) CHKDSK & recovery of bad sectors of both HDDs. (ie: enough time to read Tolstoy's War in Peace) 7) File defragmentation. ---REBOOT--- Is there a way I could automate all of these steps with a batch file or with the help of a program ?
  17. Matt_

    gas usage

    Interesting website Andavari. I've been comparing my car (Mazda Prot?g? 2003) to dozens of other models since the last 15 or so minutes, this thing is addicting or I'm just downright bored.
  18. It is highly probably that the U.S military has something faster, after all is was them who invented the concept that later become the Internet. Not forgetting the consideration that they somewhat have a decent enough budget to get the fastest connection there is.
  19. At a mere 100-ish mb. I now have 43 extensions actually, and it's running at 118mb right now. Quite to my dismay it is still awesomely fast. Adblock Filterset.G Updater Plus Sidebar 0.7.1Bandwidth Meter and Diagnostics 1.1BBCodeXtra Duplicate Detector 0.6.4Cache View 1.61Calculator 1.1.8ChatZilla 0.6.5CookieCuller 1.3.1Copy Plain Text 0.3.3CustomizeGoogle 0.60CuteMenus - Crystal SVG 1.9.1Dictionary Tooltip 1.1.2DOM Inspector Manager Tweak 0.7.2DownThemAll! 5.0FlagFox II Bookmark
  20. Nice find. Thanks Hazel. I like the concept. Doesn't look useful though, except for the fact that it shows the progress. I'd rather see 6 numbers lined up and separated by 3 :'s (03:24 right now, can't bother to remember my punctuation marks ) than having my to stretch my head to the point that it hurts.
  21. Mine: Adblock Filterset.G Updater Plus Sidebar 0.7.1Bandwidth Meter and Diagnostics 1.1BBCodeXtra Duplicate Detector 0.6.3Cache View 1.61Calculator 1.1.7ChatZilla 1.3.1Copy Plain Text 0.3.3CustomizeGoogle 0.60CuteMenus - Crystal SVG 1.9.1Dictionary Tooltip 1.1.2DOM Inspector Manager Tweak 0.7.2DownThemAll! Extension Backup Extension (FEBE) 4.0.5FlagFox II 2.1.80Get File 1.2.2Google Toolbar for Firefox 3.0.20070217WGooglePreview 2.1.5Greasemonkey 0.7.20070607.0gTranslate
  22. It's still @gmail in other countries than Germany and the United Kingdom.
  23. Windows Media Player 11 does a great job at ripping.
  24. Wow Andavari, this worked perfectly. Thank you very much !
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