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  1. The third one is particularly addicting.
  2. Matt_

    Google Pack

    Personally I think the Google toolbar is a great addition to Firefox. It allows me to have two search engines, rapidly search the current website, search images, spell check, auto-fill forms, etc...
  3. Fruits (apples, grapes, etc) Caesar salad. Steak w/ either rice or mashed potatoes. Good ole sandwiches. Haven't voluntary eaten fast food nor drank soda for about 2 years. When I do because of the circumstances, such as last May at Subway's, I limited myself to a 6-inch with bare minimum condiments. I'm not a dessert person either.
  4. I highly doubt the notion that Ubisoft would venture as to putting adware that is displayed beyond the actual games with the mass hysteria of the recent Sony DRM scandal.
  5. Windows Live Messenger is currently using 5,3 megabytes of ram on my computer. Since all my friends use solely MSN, I see no point in using another instant messaging application.
  6. The library view in Windows Media Player 11 is soo... bliss.
  7. Autopatcher took about with a conservative estimate less than twenty minutes to download and use though. I highly doubt the notion that Microsoft prevented the Autopatcher team members from continuing the project because of a customer complaint. I wouldn't be surprised of an annoucenment from the aforementioned corporation that encompasses information abouts its own program for cumulative patches in the future now that the competition is no more. The inclusion of Mozilla Firefox didn't help their cause, considering Microsoft prohibits the users of the previously mentioned browser to b
  8. I'm very pissed at Microsoft right now. http://www.autopatcher.com/
  9. TCPOptimizer does work. You need to know what you're doing in depth though.
  10. You still have to to be feeble-minded. Not as if some random bloke attemping to launder money would contact a person he has no basic information off to store such a high sum of money. I could easily be working for the FBI.
  11. I seriously cannot grasp the notion that individuals could actually believe that this is a genuine letter from a bank official. It is bloated with ludicrous spelling errors (ie: even in the bank's name), most of the formalities are nonexistent and the remaining style is utterly pathetic. I WILL NOT EVEN MENTION THAT IT IS ALL IN CAPS.
  12. Seems like his website is down.
  13. They are asking a subcription free to their website which is a supposedly convenient database of useful software for beggining computer users, not the actual applications themselves.
  14. I have literally been using RegSeeker for years and never had any problem whatsoever...
  15. Individuals who continuously exaggerate rants against applications which are widely used is nothing new. Microsoft Windows supposedly crashes all the time.
  16. I don't think webmasters would actually want risking losing the visitors that use Firefox. Anyone noticed the link to the pro-Opera propaganda "Firefox myths" website ?
  17. I have recently installed Zone Alarm Pro (version 7.0.362.000) along with PeerGuardian (version 2.0 Beta 6C) on my computer. Considering my network was already and currently still is protected by the hardware Firewall of my U.S Robotics router (model USR8054 802.11g wireless turbo with 1.67 firmware), have the previously mentioned applications actually strengthened the security of my computer or I should consider proceeding to uninstall them ? Furthermore, I don't know which application is at fault, but I have experienced the following slowdowns since the installations (I am quite sure that m
  18. I recently installed the aforementioned software but was was wondering If I should keep them installed considering my system is already protected by the hardware firewall of my USR8054 router ? For Peerguardian I solely use the official Ads and Spyware lists. However the loading time of the videos on YouTube has been negatively affected because the program prevents the connection of the supposedly antagonistic ad.doubleclick.net. Apart from this I have been experiencing slow download/upload speeds with Windows Live Messenger and ?Torrent. Concerning the latter it continued after opening t
  19. Matt_

    US politics

    I don't think Obama would be able to represent a large majority of the American population, which are white. Concerning Clinton, she's to much feminine to be a head of state.
  20. Matt_

    US politics

    I would like Ron Paul if he was not a non-interventionist which is far from being pragmatic. His supporters are quite annoying, especially considering the notion that every word and deed of the messiah Dr. Paul (as if the fact of him having been an obstetrician/gynecologist f***ing mattered) must be protected from the heretic. Mike Gravel will be fortunately buried under gravel after the 2008 Republican primaries. Considering their respective views it would be highly paradoxal to see them as running mates anyway. My requests to Americans in two easy resolutions: 1 - Don't elect Cl
  21. Considering that Firefox takes quite a while to launch, could someone recommend an application that I could use instead when it comes to viewing disparate (not interlinked) offline .html files ?
  22. Matt_


    I followed the basic tutorial found on this great website. Even if I have a T1 connection, I had a noticeable speed increase in particular when it came to downloading and uploading after using the application.
  23. To be lightly taken though. All of the answers can be easily debunked.
  24. Spyware is not to be confused with malware... I seriously doubt the notion that TrendSecure is selling information they collect with user logs to third-party advertisers.
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