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  1. just a note, i ran vista's built in defragmentation for about 15 min, turned off system restore, and went back to defraggler and now used space becomes 212gb with only 20,000 fragments (4.6 gb). much better. still seems pretty slow though. ran for 10 min fragments went down by 20 in 20,000, 4.6gb -> 4.4gb
  2. continuing the thread: defragler takes forever on my computer. Now hardware specs for those that blame computer: Core i7 920 (2.66 quad core for those that dont know what that means) 1TB HD 7200 RPM 12gb ddr3 ram gtx285 OS: vista 64-bit Harddrive state: - only 382 GB used - 190 GB (some 24,000+ fragment files) fragmented - some 80,000+ total fragments - 50%+ fragmented it's been on for 12 hours and only around 40% done. not sure if this is normal. From resource moniter it is not running any of the cpu cores at max and niether is harddrive read/write maxing out. any ideas? It'd be cool if anyone wants to answer me via email. wanted to try out defraggler because kotaku vote said it was the best. it is indeed liteweight, ofc I will be looking forward to seeing results. But not sure if how long it's taking is normal
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