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  1. i tried it but still no success, im really hopeless.. i should've not ignore the warning. now i can't update my IE. but anyway thanks helping me krit86lr and hazelnut..
  2. how can i repair installation? im also trying xplite...
  3. any other solution aside from system restore? i did not know IE7 beta 2 is hotfix.
  4. hi, why can't i seem to uninstall IE7 beta 2 from the add/remove programs? even if i check the show updates. i think this is because of CCleaner 1.27 Hotfix Uninstallers option. can you give me other way to uninstall IE7 beta 2 and revert to IE 6? thanks.
  5. i agree with you.. i like the CCleaner with exit button.. it's much easier to navigate and close the program instead.
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