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  1. Thanks Hazelnut for the information. I should have visited here first. Ugh! When the error occurred and System Restore didn't resolve the issue, I did a search on the Internet regarding the error message and only received "how to fix" search results. I did the first fix listed in the link below to reset Windows Update and it resolved the issue. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/windows-update-cannot-currently-check-for-updates/b250e431-cdfc-46ac-a044-eaaee17491cf?auth=1
  2. A dated thread, but a recent problem. I noticed Google Chrome had appeared in CCleaner, but it was never installed. I did previous searches for Google Chrome in the registry and in C:\ drive folders with no luck. I was about to give up until I found this thread. Yep, found a %localappdata%\Chromium folder. Once deleted, its listing in CCleaner disappeared as well. Kudos & Thanks Winapp2.ini !
  3. I upgraded on just one of my computers to V3. It created a delayed shut down with Windows 7 Pro of 5 to 8 minutes. Apparently it is a conflict with Microsoft's Security Essentials (MSE) which I use. MalwareBytes Support wanted me to disable MSE's Real Time Protection, which eliminated the problem, but made MSE useless in my opinion. An alternative I found that works is to exit out of MalwareBytes first and then shut the computer down. With a temporary work around for the shut down problem the only other issue I have noticed is the occasional pop up warning that Real Time Protection is disabled when it is not. I'll keep beta testing.
  4. Willy2, Very helpful. Thanks for responding!
  5. Thanks for the news Hazelnut. Willy2, I see where you can only add two email accounts to the free version, not a problem for me during testing. I wondering though how to get those two account folders displayed in the Folders pane on the left. Even though I have two Hotmail / Live mail accounts added, only one set of folders are shown. I haven't run across anything yet in the Help section. Does the "paid" version show all account folders? Thanks !
  6. About your only resolution is to contact the previous owner to see if they can remember it. Due to the ease in which laptops are stolen, BIOS passwords can not be easily cleared like they can on a desktop. There is NO master password or backdoor from Dell Support that can be used to get around it. Likewise discussions related to circumventing BIOS passwords are discouraged on most forums especially in the Dell Support Community Forums. If all else fails, just replace the motherboard.
  7. I noticed that the first update after installing took longer than usual. I'm guessing that during that lengthy call home for the update that Malwarebytes was taking note of whatever information my PC could provide and they now have that link to the key. If my Lifetime key should start appearing on different PCs they'll know it has been pirated and not validate those installs. That may explain why the key is now displayed.
  8. Another feature that isn't listed in the "Whats New" is that the installer will check your License Key for validity. This validity check is intended to weed out all the pirated keys that have been floating around on the Internet for years. If it finds a questionable key you will have two options to resolve the issue. The first option grants amensity to those who pirated a key or purchased a pirated key from a questionable source (Craigslist, etc). Those folks will get a free one year subscription, but after that they will have to subscribe. The second option is for valid key holders who were tagged incorrectly as having a pirated key. They can contact Malwarebytes in order to have a new replacement key issued.
  9. You can also customize the Search box under the Search tab of the Options menu. The upgrade also left my Google search intact and didn't switch me over to Yahoo automatically.
  10. The premium version of Malwarebytes will stop the installation of Open Candy when installing other free software applications.
  11. Microsoft must of decided there were still enough XP users out there. They released this Fix for the Windows XP version of I.E as well.
  12. Microsoft's Windows XP nag screen updates come from the following two downloads........... KB2949787 - This one updates Security Essentials to version 4.5.216 which includes the nag screen. This update can not be uninstalled. The simplest way to get rid of the nag is to uninstall Security Essentials and then download and re-install an older version of Security Essentials or simply change to another anti-virus program. This update can not be hidden. KB2934207 - This the Windows XP End of Support Notification nag. It can be uninstalled or a quick fix is to just disable or delete the two related items in Windows Scheduled Tasks. This download can be hidden. Since both these updates are considered Important by Microsoft they are automatically downloaded unless you have turned off Automatic Updates and check for updates manually.
  13. Cecharding, Try viewing that web page using a browser with no add-ons. One of your add-ons is blocking the security box from being displayed.
  14. There is no USB history listing in the OS that I am aware of. What I would suggest is downloading and installing BelArc Advisor, it's free. Not only does BelArc give you a detailed listing of your computer hardware and software, but it also includes a 30 day USB history that details the date, time and what devices were plugged in.
  15. I still find the Pause/Break key useful in reading boot up screens that go scrolling by way too fast.
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