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  1. Recuva is installed on the C drive, yes, and I was trying to recover the images onto the C drive as well, which sadly failed. I'll follow my logic and your advice in not formatting the drive. I think I'll try to see if I can recover the files once more, hopefully without running into error messages. If anyone have more information or advice on the case, do not hold back. Thank you!
  2. Recuva is used on the computer with the harddrive where you would like to recover files from. Download and install the program, then set up your scan through the guide and see if it is possible to recover any of your lost files. Good luck!
  3. Last weekend I was transferring my pictures folder from my backup drive to my computer after installing Windows 7, but suddenly, when the process of moving the files was finished, the folder was to be found nowhere. I tried to locate the files but neither where they in any other folders, nor in my recycle bin. I tried searching for them with Recuva and after some searches I ticked 'Include non-deleted files' and suddenly Recuva found around 10.000 pictures on my backup drive. The pictures seem to all have been renamed and moved to a hidden folder called '?'. While Recuva finished the scan and moved on to going through all the pictures ("second scan"), windows came up with a warning message telling me that the drive 'G:' had to be formatted before I could use it again. 'G:' was the backup drive where, at the same time, Recuva at the same time was in the middle of its 'second' scan. Recuva finished the second scan and showed the results with the folder '?' containing lots of pictures in condition: 'good'. I marked all the pictures and files in '?' and clicked 'recover'. Sadly Recuva seemed to run through all the images, but neither of them was recovered showing a constant '0% recovered', while the progressbar moved to the end and told me 'no files have been recovered'. Since this is my whole picture-archive I would really to get all or as many as possible of the pictures back, so I'd like to ask on some advice on what to do. Recuva apperently can find the files but not recover them, while I'm told the harddrive has to be formatted before I can use it (which could lead to the reason why Recuva cannot recover the found images, since windows won't work the drive). My logic tells me though, that if I format my drive ALL files will be deleted permanently (since a format goes deeper than just deleting windows' index as far as I recall?). (After Recuva failed to recover the images I have unplugged the drive, with the intent of not using it until I find a possible solution to this problem.) Thank you for your help!
  4. Thank you Andavari, but sadly that doesn't seem to do the trick either. As you said there both was application data left for the program, and one registry key under ? HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Opera I edited the key and removed it, and did the same to the application data in %appdata%/Opera Still, after restarting my computer the options are still there. I think I'll just let it be, it's not that it really bothers me, it just think it's strange. Too it seems people here in the forums are having problems with Ccleaner and the new Opera 10 release, so properly when they get those bugs fixed, this will be too. And else I'll try revouninstaller! Thank you for the help. Regards, Sune
  5. Thank you for the information. I reinstalled the program as you suggested, but sadly the Opera options are still there, so this doesn't seem to solve the problem.
  6. Hello. Recently I installed Opera 10 final to see if it was something for me. It sadly wasn't so I uninstalled it again with no problems at all. Yesterday when I was running a clean I then laid notice to Ccleaner still having options for Opera under the Cleaner > Programs tab. I thought some files from the Opera installation might be lying around or that it only had removed the link for Opera in the windows programs list when I uninstalled, so I searched my computer for Opera files and checked Ccleaners list of installed program. Neither place was there something to find. It's doesn't seem to do any harm on my computer, but still I thought I'd just post it here so you could investigate. I don't know if it's a registry-key or something else causing this, but I think it could confuse some users. I'm running Windows 7 RC and latest Ccleaner version Thank you.
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