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  1. Well i switched to a thing called Hushmail a few weeks ago. But it only has a 2mb inbox limit haha. like old hotmail. What do you use now?
  2. Hi there. thanks for welcoming me to your forum! Today i have noticed that in my windows live hotmail account it has started doing some strange things. I am not sure if these are new features or not but it is troubling me?! First strange thing i noticed was that it is now automatically saving a draft every so often while i type a message. But when i hit send the draft is then gone and there is nothing i the drafts folder? I haven't seen an option to enable that or disable that feature. Secondly, for some reason now it is bringing up addresses in the the 'To:' Field as i type. I know that it does this with people in my contacts list, but these aren't contacts that i have in my contacts list? Just addresses that i have emailed at random, like info@whatever? When i click the "To:' button there is a new tab next to favorites called "Recently Emailed" with said addresses in it? Is there a way to stop it from doing that. I mean I'm sure its handy. Which I'm fine with, but I'm curious as to how these changes got made to my hotmail as i did not authorize or make any setup changes? has anyone else noticed this?
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