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  1. yinyang4evry1

    SWITCH 1.05

    thanks a bunch ya'll =) tim
  2. wow.. by the sound of "freakin computer genius" who doesnt need firewall or antivirus, he must be really smart tim =)
  3. is the person who has no antivirus the same person who has no firewall? if so, that person is ... um... not really safe on the internet tim
  4. i use mcafee firewall... hey wait who has "none" and how are they managing to stay alive on the internet? lol tim =)
  5. yinyang4evry1

    SWITCH 1.05

    does any of them convert MIDI files to mp3? thanks, tim =)
  6. yes ... that's true winmx was definitely my preferred one another one is www.morpheus.com but that gave me a lot lot lot of spyware tim =)
  7. yea i know about the winmx thing not working...the patch only worked temporarily for me i recommend this: http://www.limewire.com/ cheers, tim =)
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