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  1. I wasn't aware of hiberfil.sys wiping! That's good to know. As for the rest, I suppose that's fair enough. I was just throwing the idea out there because I would have liked an on-the-fly method of dumping the encryption key - effectively wiping it from RAM and killing access to the hard drive in one fell swoop. But I guess that is a bit out of the scope of this program. Thanks for answering, though
  2. While I am impressed with CCleaner as a hard drive secure deletion and registry cleanup platform, I'd love to see a few more things added to make CCleaner a truly versatile security tool. At present, I don't believe CCleaner has an option to "clean up" the RAM, or even RAM-related files on the hard drive such as pagefile.sys and hiberfile.sys. It would be far more convenient to have a RAM management utility built into CCleaner rather than having to run a separate application. RAM cleanup has especially become important for security conscious users who employ Full Disk Encryption on their drives in the light of the Princeton Coldboot Attack which utilizes RAM to gain access to encryption keys. I would love to see some feature which could not only selectively modify the pagefile.sys and hiberfile.sys files (which contain data dumped from RAM), but also a method of freeing up actual RAM using a POST-type method used at boot-up to clear data not being used run current programs.
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