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  1. Thank you! UPDATE... It appears the issue was with Norton 2009. I have been in contact with them and apparently Norton 2009 is no longer compatible with Windows 7 so they upgraded me to Norton 2010 for free! Sorry to have posted the issue as a CCleaner issue but if anyone else has the iisue I had they can contact Norton and get a free upgrade! Please keep up the great work with CCLeaner!!!
  2. Thank you for the reply! I realize I can do that but that does not solve the Bug...
  3. Hi new to the forum but have been using CCleaner for about 4 years. Love the software have recomended it to 100's if not 1000's of people over the years. The latest version 2.23.999 appears to not recognize my Norton AntiVirus 2009 with Antispyware (System Builder Edition) First off there is no entry in the startup section of tools for my norton? Second after I use the program (both the cleaner and the Registry options) which I always use one after the other, my Norton product stops running on computer restart? Yes after runnin Cleaner i always restart my computer. This happens evertime I use the program. I have to reinstall Norton for it to run when the system is started. it then works perfect till i use Ccleaner again. I have checked the tool/startup section and there is no listing for my norton product? I have used this program for years and never had 1 issue with it till this new version. I am running a self built rig 8 GB ram Q9550 CPU with windows 7 RC 64Bit. Annyone else having the same issue? Or is this a known issue with this verion?
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