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  1. Hi, Is there a way to install the business edition silently with the license key already entered? Thanks!
  2. @Nergal Thanks for confirming that, at the moment, UAC bypass is not possible. @cyberrufus I actually did this before but didn't work as expected. It never ran Ccleaner even once (I actually still has the task in my scheduler). Thanks as well.
  3. Hi guys, This may have been raised several times before so if this has been already answered, kindly link me to it. Thanks. Anyway, as for my problem, I configured Ccleaner to autorun everytime Windows start but UAC keeps intervening and asking me if I would like to run Ccleaner or not. This defeats the purpose of the autorun setting. I have set Ccleaner to 'Run as Administrator' everytime it was invoked. This is not actually a specific autorun issue but rather an issue that affects the moment I ran Ccleaner. If you have any idea how to bypass this UAC inquiry, I will appreciate if you could share it. I would prefer to keep my UAC level as is. Thanks again.
  4. hi, i just have a simple question. i want to keep my current Folder View (in Windows) but that setting is lost whenever i reboot my computer (where CCleaner was configured to run on boot). i was wondering which setting should i disable to keep my Folder View from being reset? (hoping i'm not barking up the wrong tree) thanks in advance! /no1
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