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  1. Can't take a chance - it's beyond me. I'm going to remove cCleaner - thanks for your attempt to help me - roger
  2. Many thanks Andavari for your suggestion. I double clicked on the symantec name from the CCleaner analyze results and there are over 500 diiferent parts to symantec alone of 1 to 4KB each. Each of these breaks down into several different parts. Ive tried to copy and paste to show you without success. Each of the 500 segments is described similarly as follows C/programme data/symantec/liveU ...3KB. Another at random says C/programmedata/Symantec/Syma 2KB and so on. It's double dutch to me, I'm nervous to let CCleaner delete it all - Roger
  3. Have just downloaded CCleaner and gone through the analyze process. It has listed files it wants to delete and these include Symantec anti virus and Windows Defender and windows remote desktop among other familiar names which I use. Surely this can't be right - I can't especially delete the anti virus? What should I do? My system is Vista Premium
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