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  1. Sweet! Like the Idea for IE7 cookie support as I'm using it
  2. I have checked that everything is in place and that all cables are set in place. I think it could be my CPU overall. The MB may be reading it wrong as I've read somewhere that someone had that problem before on a different MB. I may need to buy a new one though.
  3. Hi, I bought a new MB not too long ago from www.Tigerdirect.com MB: MSI KM4M-V Via Socket A MicroATX Motherboard. When I connected everything, the MB turned on alright until I got the Blue Screen of Death when Windows tried to load from the CD as I was trying to Reformat. Next I tried my 80GB HDD and the same thing happened. Now, when I went into the Bios I saw that my CPU was at 156F! I turned it off and as of that day I have no clue to what is going on. I did buy a... new video card for my games. My other MB did not like the card. It's a Powercolor 9600Pro 256MB 128-Bit 400/400MHZ. The other MB was an MSI KT266Pro ver. 2. when I ran the computer with the new Video card windows was kinda... acting up. The aTI drivers I already had installed did not act right wit the card. Later... asI restarted the Blue Screen Of Death Came and since then I have not been able to use my MB. I tried changing cards and nothin. now I doo think the card had something to do with the CPU. Has this ever happen or... could happen? How can a card all-of-the-sudden mess things up? please help...
  4. Ok, I just went to Maxtor and dlownloaded maxblast which can... formatt the thing completely. Hopefully this will work.
  5. I don't have a A:/ Drive and how would a LiveCD help?*Explain*
  6. Is there any [Free] program that you can upload to a CD-R or CD-RW and boot it up and select which drive to formatt? I'm asking this because my Windows Installion is damge and the Windows Xp professional CD won't work. I get the Blue Screen of Death when I try to even start the thing. It loads everything thing but at the point when Windows starts it comes up with an error. What could of caused this all to happen? I bought an POWERCOLOR 9600PRO 256MB 128-BIT 4x/8x AGP. the only thing I know that may have done this is... drivers. I didn't Uninstall my current drivers when I replaced my card. Windows did start at first but... after that restart windows was done for. please provide any software that you know of that will do a boot to Reformatt.
  7. Well, by going towards a different company who modded the drivers alittle. I'd say uninstall the ATI drivers completely and then move on from there. *Hope no problems come up*
  8. The Omega drivers [should] have your Inboard card listed in the drivers. Just Uninstall as you advised and then use Driver cleaner after words and... then install Omega drivers. Let me know if you run into problems
  9. Didn't know that. Where is it located on the main site?
  10. Your graphics card is a low-End card. Anyhow, it would not hurt. Omega does good. But first... Go here and run the ATI drivers clean up - Driver cleaner professional *Others members may provide different and other App. such as the one I provided*
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    Mine is better! Look up top lol. Nah... j/k. But I like yours [mr.brownstone]
  12. Inu-Ya

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    Wallpaper founded Here.
  13. I use that same file. It works fine. But the downside you can't enable any of the specail effects with the Themes. such as: See through windows, slow shader affects while going towards a new window, and more.
  14. Ok, I need to know if I need a new graphics card or... just to get better RAM. Links: My current card ASUS ATI 9200SE AGP 4x/8x 128MB 64-BIT New card SAPPHIRE Radeon 9600PRO 128MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X The RAM [iF] I were to keep my current RAM. Would the new card run slow? But, [iF] I were to keep my current card and buy this RAM Rosewill 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 333 (PC 2700) would that help my current card? my MoBO right now can only do 4x and I was wondering if 8x would be any different in performance. I play a game from Microsoft called Fable. The graphics on there are good and my current card can't handle it. I think it's my MoBo fault but I'm not sure. My new MoBo ECS KM400-M2 3.0 Socket A (Socket 462) VIA KM400 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard Should be good. But I need to know if getting better RAM or... getting a new graphics card. My current RAM is 1 [PC2700] 256MB and 1 [PC2100] 256MB = 512MB.
  15. Inu-Ya


    Note: The scanning for it take long time. But it still good
  16. Cool find! Although, it looks like CD Creator 5 and the program is like Itunes. I don't recommend it though. Give it a 3 out of 5! [Although I do enjoy the slow to forward song tune when you switch tracks. Audio programs are now going towards too using that feature. WMP11 is going to use it I believe ]
  17. Question: what if I kept my current RAM which is [PC2100] and put in into my new Motherboard and instead of new RAM how about a new Graphics card? Will the RAM mess with the card and slow it down? or... would the Motherboard work things out? The reason I ask is that I'm really wrondering if RAM would be better or... a new card. My current card is a ASUS ATI 9200SE 64-BIT 128MB! Not that good though. Will the 8x AGP do any good? I play Fable on my computer and I get lag when casting spells and fighting in combat. I'm wondering if I just need a new card and not RAM as my MoBo can run on [PC2100]. I'll be having 512MB anyways. I think a new card is in order. I'll be spending like... $120 on a new one.
  18. Case has been changed... New Case! $76.99
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    Glad you ask. Freelancer is a game made from Microsoft. It was released back in March of 2003 I believe. The graphics are so so... and the gameplay is there. It's a Simulation type game. Going around doing missions but the area to fly in is big! I go around online and fight other people with my ship. I have like the 4th best ship in the game lol. But it's fun
  20. Ok, I will. But in the time of waiting here are the links.... Case MotherBoard RAM And... here is my Computer right... now...
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