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  1. Is it possible for recuva to maintain its own MFT kind of table which contains only the list of recoverable files? Because there's actually no use in recovering a different file eventhough Recuva is able to get a file that had overwritten the original one?
  2. hi. When scanning my OS partition "C:", the percentage is not correct, changes to 909000%, 909901%..so on and then it's updated properly. This happens only for my windows drive. Version in use:1.29.429
  3. hi all. First of all, I'd like to thank the entire recuva team for developing this free tool. It's really cool and thin. One issue I've seen is when I try to recover a file(usually an audio or a video), sometimes it recovers me a different file. I tried doing this again, but still the same. Hope you understand the scenario.
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