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  1. Hi Hazelnut yes thats a good point I have spent several years looking for the best tools and these tools do a very good job where malware is concerned I suggest installing A-SQUARED RUN THE UPDATE FEATURE THEN REBOOT IN SAFE MODE AND RUN A FULL SCAN FROM THERE, THIS WAY their is less possibility of anything bad interferring with the cleaning process. A-SQUARED can be run in a special custom heristic mode also to search for unknown malware this should only be done if you are sure their is some malware and nothing is detected during a normal scan as this custom scan can take a very long time to complete on a large (full) system, with many files. A-SQUARED FREE (Note is has excellent reviews it detects 99.7% of all malware) http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/free/ I have seen much better results with this tool than many other well known tools. Anther very good free antivirus program with real time protection is AVIRA AVIRA http://www.free-av.com/ Again sorry to forget this important step
  2. Hi Kev not sure if this will help, but recently I have come across a lot of computers with WINSOCK damage I can only believe it is done by some malware there is a way you can fix this easily IF THIS IS THE CAUSE Please read the article below. Microsoft Method - RECOMENDED http://www.pctechbytes.com/2009/07/15/fix-...ock-in-windows/ WINSOCK REPAIR - TOOL WINDOWS ALL * http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/Network...inSockFix.shtml Lots of peeps have had this problem ! Hope it helps Chelley
  3. I have the exact same problem, but on only one of my hard drives it seems to be a problem with large numbers of small files in the gz and stg file's on my system which come from a CVS file store. I noticed that when I defrag my C: drive I have no problems the cpu is about 50% utilised however all my partitions are ok Except for one drive which contains many millions of tiny files such as *.stg *.xml *.btg all around the file size of between 1kb to 100 kb sizes. then the program seem's to get overwhelmed it causes extreme lags on my system and 100% cpu usage. I have had problems before with these particula files so I started archiving them and accessing them from dvd iso images which seemed to solve the problem at least in relation to defragging my hard drive, so most of the data such as simulator scenery data is now stored on DVD to avoid the problem. However the data I now have on my hard drive is dynamic and must be updated on a regular basis via CVS Updates using Tortoise CVS and theirfore burning this data to a disk is not an option for me, My only option is to store this data on its own to a dedicated partition so that it does not get mixed with other important system files or large files, that need regular defragmentation to be done. Perhaps the Authors of Defraggler can look into why this is happening ? All the best Chelley
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