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  1. sorry to hijack here it happens to Opera 11.10 build 2020. previous CCleaner v3.03, even if i tick to remove "(opera) cookies", my saved login pages are maintained. Even the NoAds extension 'remembers' the blocked elements/ads. now with v3.04, checking "(Opera) cookies" will remove the cookies <--- it even removes saved login pages and even NoAds settings (blocked elements/ads). Too aggressive perhaps? took me many tries to isolate which settings caused my Opera to "forget" all login pages and NoAds settings. just my 2cents comments.
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    already announced! www.opera.com/browser
  3. well, logically, if i wipe off the mru list, i would want also the settings = 0 (aka OFF). that make sense if the setting is reset back to 17, that means it'll start storing and showing the MRU list again (which makes me wanna use ccleaner again )
  4. hi, i noticed this behaviour for the past builds. Basically, cleaning the Office 2007 MRU works. But somehow, it resets the option set here: "Show this number of Recent Documents: [ 17 ]" The number = numbers of recent doucments to be listed by Office apps. If i changed this value = 0, therefore there'll be no more recent doucment listing. But if i use ccleaner again, it resets this option back to 17 (default). Is there anyway to clear MRU without resetting this option?
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