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  1. Sorry I hadn't updated my post sooner. The other thread linked above led me to a fix that is working for me. Rather than un-ticking the Sessions box in FF, I added a file in Options/Include. C:\Users\{Username}\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{ProfileFolderName)\sessionstore.jsonlz4 Now FF opens to my home page as usual and bypasses that annoying Session Restore page. Thanks for the info earlier.
  2. Thanks for the response. When I click the Check for Updates link at the bottom of CC, it tells me that I have the latest edition. I don't always go scouring websites to fact check as I don't usually have time, so I take the message at face value. anyway, I just installed vs 5.35 Unfortunately, Its still doing the same thing.
  3. I cannot get Firefox history fully cleaned. The History tab shows the history as clean, but when I run Ccleaner and then open Firefox again, the last page I was on opens or sometimes FF will say, sorry something went wrong, reload last page visited and give a history of pages. Apparently since the newest FF update, there is a cache file somewhere not getting wiped. If I revert back to previous FF version (using 53.0), it does not happen. This occurs with the latest CC update (5.29.6033) and previous versions. Is this something Piriform is aware of and fixing?
  4. I am having trouble with CCleaner deleting the image that an exe icon uses to identify it. Particularly Malwarebytes and Spybots icons in Windows 7. Windows replaces the icon image with its generic white icon and the program still starts from the exe icons just fine. Its just really annoying. Its doing it on both computers I have. Doesn't happen but to a select few programs. What setting do I need to un-tick to stop this in the future? I'm using the latest version of CC. 2.28.1091 but I've had this trouble with previous versions too. Thank you.
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