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  1. The last time i upgraded my pc was 4 years ago. do you recommend me to use it or to buy a new one.
  2. budget = around $700-$1000 location = canada, richmond hard drive = i asked my brother and he said he would give me a 550GB drive for free but that is a defective drive. What is a defective drive?
  3. What computer manufacturer makes good gaming pc? Should i buy a pc made by DELL?
  4. Hi, i'm looking for a good desktop computer but i need some suggestiosn so i can make up my mind. i've never built a computer before and i've no idea what's the right price for it. However, my friend said that a good gaming computer usually cost alot. Just to let you i know nothing about hardware except mouse and keyboard. I'm really stupid when it comes to hardware. Do you suggest me buying or building a computer? By the way, i bought a 64 bit version of Vista on February 2009 and now Windows 7 is coming so should i stick with vista or move on to seven?
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