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  1. DennisD,


    Thanks for the reply and suggestion. Yes, it was from a recent Microsoft update, and uninstalling it solved the problem. CCleaner cleans IE History quickly without Windows Search installed. The "hang" reoccurs after reinstalling Windows Search.


    I hate to give it up because it is so quick, thorough, and a huge improvement over the standard search engine in XP. I wonder if it is just something peculiar with my machine since I cannot find any other references to the issue in the forum. I normally use Firefox, so I may just uncheck the IE History box in CCleaner so I can keep Windows Search installed.


    Thanks again!



    Hi fastcolts, and welcome to Piriform.


    Was that "Windows Search" part of a recent update from Microsoft?


    Maybe uninstall it and see if it actually is the problem. You would need to check the "Show Updates" box in Add/Remove programs to do so.


    EDIT: It probably starts with Windows if it's from MS. I can't check as I passed on that update.

  2. CCleaner 2.22.968, and several previous versions, "hangs" for a couple of minutes when cleaning Internet Explorer history. Eventually, it will complete the process and clean all checked items. I can uncheck IE History and it is blazing fast. Not sure, but this seemed to begin when I installed Windows Search and hangs regardless of whether or not Windows Search is running or closed. Ideas?



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