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  1. you obviously did not read my whole post! i did say glowing things! and i was going by the exchange rate of my last europeon transaction of do0llars to pounds!and i was told i could get a refund BEFORE i thought to ask! and i wasnt begging i was repeating something someone told me! and yopu still sound judgemental!!
  2. actually they did refund it and 20 dollars us is roughly ?34 or ?35 and when you download it gives a screen to donate i did not come here first and did not know i did not have to donate to get all the options! it was a mistake it was corrected and i enjoyed being helped the day i posted and not waiting as many other forums make you do! i also like the fact that they refunded money that they could of kept then said non refundable! everyone knows about the economy these days here in the us the price of a gallon of milk is 4 bucks and thats non organic! organic is 4.58 per half gallon! and gas is
  3. english is my first language but im only around kids and a secondary english speaker (my husband is arab) most of the time so sometimes i tend to type things as they are said to me or as i have to speak to him ....sometimes i need to use broken english to get it through to him. hehe its ok though cause i only know a few arabic words.
  4. ok i was put under tyhe impression i had to pay and then was told i did not long before it was fixed i am a mother of 3 children a stay at home wife AND cannot afford to just throw money here and there! i felt obligated to pay then wa stold i did not have to after i already paid the money that could of been used to buy new cloths for myself or one of my kids. the way you put it i gave the money knowing what it really was for then wanted it back which is not what happened! please learn a bit about a persons situation before you start to sound so judgemental!!!
  5. umm i emailed them both still no reply......do you know what time they are usually on? i gotta go to an open house for my daughters school tommorrow and ramadan starts tommorrow as well so ill be cutting back on some of my computer time during the day.
  6. i thought i was gonna get a refund? .....
  7. finally its gone!! wooohoo! *passes box of baklawah around to those thay helped!*
  8. I removed everything but when i go to the add/remove program list it shows that the program is still there and when i click to remove it it gives me an error! why they gotta make a game that wont uninstall!
  9. umm it removed all the files but shaya is still on my pc!! i tried it all im bout to freak out! stupid game is runnin even though i deleted the aeria game keys! i hate games that bury themselves in ur pc!
  10. I did all of the things listed to do i still have shaiya in my files to be removed and its takeint up 1.29 mb of my drive!! and tp the person above i ment advanced user and its listed on the files to be removed list! also i dont remember the site i think it was shaiya but not sure that sent me here saying that this will remove shaiya when all else fails!
  11. my registry does not have the key mentioned in the link u gave and yes im refering to what you circled! i want to remove those files!
  12. it says advanced member only on the folder removal sections im trying to remove shaiyah from my pc it wont let me remove it! i was told this program would remove it but when i selected the folders to remove it said advanced members only! and i am the only user to this pc i am the administrator of my pc! sorry its shayah i think and it wont let me use all the features i did donate thinking i had to to use the advanced features i dont have the money to just donate is there a way i can get it back?
  13. how do i become an advanced member? i donated 20 bucks but still am not one!! i was told i can use ur cleaner to forceably delete shaiyah from my computer but i need to be an advanced member to do that!
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