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  1. CCleaner detects Steam by [steam] DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\Steam\Steam.exe But the correct location of steam is HKCU\Software\Valve\Steam\SteamPath REG_SZ = "s:/steam" (I have Steam installed on Drive S: - long term users of steam have learned that with hundreds of GBs of games installed - moving everything to a drive other than C: is a good move). CCleaner should support getting an install path from the registry, which is how many other programs detect where the program path is located (during upgrades etc), or at least let the user specify the location the app is installed (from the GUI front end) rather than assume that everything always gets installed in C:\Program Files)
  2. It is a bit more involved than just deleting all *.lnk files. If a shortcut points to a file or folder that no longer exists, then the shortcut is considered "invalid" and can be deleted by ccleaner. This functionality is already present for shortcuts in the start menu or on the desktop, but there are cases where users or other programs store shortcuts in other locations (which ccleaner cannot currently process in the same way). As this has already been done for start menu and desktop, doing it for custom folders (and subfolders) should be a trivial exercise for the ccleaner developers.
  3. To Check the validity of shortcuts - I am limited to only the Start Menu or the Desktop. (for SpecialKey1=F_STARTMENU or F_DESKTOP ) What I need is a SpecialKey (If it doesn't already exist) to check shortcuts in a custom list of folders. (Would be great if it could be configured via the gui instead of hacking the ini) eg. [Custom Folder Shortcuts] SpecialKey1=F_FOLDER FileKey1=%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Dock FileKey2=%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\GameShortcuts suggestion from: http://alternativeto.net/desktop/ccleaner/comments
  4. BuBBy

    Wipe MFT only.

    The amount of MFT freespace would usually be much less than the amount of disk freespace - so I am guessing it would be faster to delete MFT freespace than to delete all disk freespace. Everyone is in a hurry these days.
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