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    MagicJack anyone?

    I have been using MJ for a year and have had no problems with viruses, malware, or any other intrusions. Works great. I would like to know what fax machine you are using? I use ColorFax Lite to fax directly from my PC and it works great. I could not get my Lexmark to work with it. Through further research on the subject of faxing with MJ I found that it was rather hit and miss as far as what will work, you just have to try it. So I was not about to buy any new fax machines that is when I decided to go the fax software route. I found the free version of ColorFax Lite developed by BlackIce, tried it and find that it works great with the convenience to fax from Office, Adobe, etc.
  2. I just downloaded it with FireFox 3.0.13 and had no problems. Everything else as far as browsing seems to work fine with FF.
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